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January 23, 2014

Jackson Martz wins C'town elementary geo bee|


The competition began with a round of questions that did not count towards the competition. After this round, students could get one question wrong, but a second wrong answer would eliminate them from the competition.

Gorman said that the competition lasted for approximately five rounds, before going to the final round. The top three students were Jones, Porter and Martz.

After Jones was eliminated, Porter and Martz faced off in the final round, which is a best two of three questions. Both Porter and Martz got one question wrong and two questions right. This sent the two competitors into tiebreaker rounds, where the first competitor to get a question right that the other competitor got wrong would be the winner.

Porter and Martz ended up doing two tiebreaker rounds. The last question asked what substance under the earth becomes lava when it reached the earth's surface. Martz wrote magma, the correct answer, while Porter wrote molten, and with that, Martz was the geography bee champion. Porter said that he was trying to write molten rock, but didn't have enough time to do it. 

None of this year's competitors made it to the finals of the geography bee last year, although Martz was a finalist in both fourth and fifth grade in the geography bee at his old school, Lynnewood Elementary, which is located near Philadelphia. This is Martz's first win.

Last year's winner, Eric Deysenroth, made it to the middle school finals this year.

All the participants in the contest expressed a positive attitude towards this year's bee.

"Some of us have been looking forward to this event," said Porter, who said that he and Kukenberger had wanted to participate in the bee since they were in second and third grade.

Others participants warmed to the bee through their involvement with it.

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