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October 18, 2012

Student test data reveals strengths weaknesses


“I will add, without it sounding like an excuse, the math exams were more difficult last year. You can notice that the state average has also been declining with some of the changes with tests,” he said.

Hebert noted strengths in geometry with a 98 percent pass rate and more than 50 percent at the mastery level.

“There have certainly been very solid results with geometry results within the last couple of years,” he said. The proficiency percentage went up from 60 percent in 2009 to 91 percent in 2010, while the mastery percentage went from 13 to 32 percent.

An area of focus CCS has been looking at for integrated algebra is improving mastery.

“There are some obvious inconsistencies with pass rate from peak and valley,” Cring said.

Achieving more mastery scores will also be a goal for earth science, according to Cring. 

He said global history/geography and U.S history pass and mastery rates tend to be strong.

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