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May 16, 2013

Miller's farewell includes final budget presentation

Rose expects to be on job until fall

By Greg Klein Staff Writer
Cooperstown Crier

---- — Robert Miller ended his tenure as school superintendent at Cherry Valley-Springfield Central School with some fanfare, some smiles and his typical presentations and opinions.

Miller met with the CV-S Board of Education for the final time last Thursday, one day before his final day at the school. Several times during the extended meeting, he repeated, “one more day, one more day.”

Miller took over on Monday as superintendent of the Herkimer Central School District. Richard Rose, who retired after 25 years at Canajoharie, took over as interim superintendent at CV-S.

Rose, who will be paid $500 a day, said he expects to be on the job until September or October.

Miller presented a final budget as part of the board’s open hearing on the budget before Tuesday’s vote. No district residents attended the meeting, and nothing had changed on the budget since it was set last month.

No residents attended the special meeting before the regular meeting either. That meeting affirmed the school’s mini-project to replace the doors in the school. The mini-construction project is out to bid now. Every year, the board picks one project based on the maintenance survey of the school done in 2010. A new survey will take place in 2015.

Miller also made presentations on a school Facebook site and voiced a final concern, recommending that the board end the sixth-grade Safety Patrol Trips to Washington, D.C.

Because of the cost of the trip, only a third of eligible students are going on the patrol trip, but it is a school sponsored trip that uses school days. 

“It is something that has been bothering me since I have been here,” he said. “My problem is that we are telling those 21 kids that aren’t going that they don’t get the same opportunity.”

Although they later approved this year’s trip, he board seemed to agree with Miller that it was necessary to end the trip in the future, noting that the fifth-grade leadership group takes a similar trip to Albany.

Miller also pointed out that the group itself is less necessary than it had been in the past.

“When you had two schools, you had kids walking to school and you needed crossing guards,” he said. “After the merger, everybody gets on a bus and comes out here and that falls away.”

Miller said the board could not end the Safety Patrol because the adviser’s position is in the teacher’s union contract, but the board could stop appointing an adviser.

After most of the business had been dispensed with, several faculty and administration gave thanks to Miller for his four years leading CV-S. 

Miller appeared to be most touched by a sentence of gratitude from CV-S senior Andrew Spencer.

“I guess you’ve been a pretty good superintendent, Mr. Miller,” Spencer said.

Miller smiled and responded, “Wow, that’s high praise.”