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February 7, 2013

Local author's book listed on 'Favorite Books of 2012'

She has done it again. Cooperstown author Marly Youmans has been recognized for one of her books.

Her 11th book, “Thaliad,” has been listed on “Favorite Books of 2012” by “Books & Culture.”

This time, she has written a post-apocalyptic epic poem about seven children who journey to a place rather like her current home and settle, creating a new culture. It has been published in simultaneous hardcover and paperback by Phoenicia Publishing in Montreal and features artwork by painter and visual artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins.

According to a media release from the publishing company, the book is about how the children remake their world after cataclysm, led by the youngest yet most determined among them, Thalia. The release states that children settle in a deserted northern village very much like Cooperstown, and in fact one may pick out versions of Otsego Lake, Lakefront Park, Lakelands, Kingfisher Tower, Christ Church, The Village Library and more as major parts of the world of the narrative poem.

The release said “Thaliad” has won praise from novelists, poets and other readers for its vigor, characterization and dramatic story.

“In ‘Thaliad,’ Marly Youmans has written a powerful and beautiful saga of seven children who escape a fiery apocalypse —  though ‘written’ is hardly the word to use, as this extraordinary account seems rather ‘channeled’ or dreamed or imparted in a vision, told in heroic poetry of the highest caliber. Amazing, mesmerizing, filled with pithy wisdom, ‘Thaliad’ is a work of genius, which also seems particularly relevant to our own time,” novelist Lee Smith said in the release.

According to the release, the book has been reviewed as an “exciting and heartbreaking myth of origin.” It states: “The book partakes of mythic and fairy tale elements while using the ideas of the heroic epic to tell a marvelous story about vivid characters. The result is a poem that is a highly readable adventure and story of rebirth with more in common with the excitement and drama of Homer’s epics and Beowulf than with difficult works of the recent past.”

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