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February 14, 2013

‘Redskins’ still in the running?

Timetable, options not set on CCS nickname


At the same time, there are students who feel the other way, he continued.  

“For instance students have started the Facebook page ‘Once a Redskin, Always a Redskin.’ I think that is great too, that they are speaking out,” he said.

“We think a well-reasoned discussion is good,” Miosek said, “but we should not let this issue turn us against one another, whether it be students, alumni, faculty or members of the community.”

In addition to the Facebook page in favor of keeping the name, there is also one in favor of changing it called “Cooperstown Mascot for All.” Both pages have more than 100 “likes.”

Colin Wilcox, a CCS student, posted on Facebook: “I support our current mascot ‘the Redskins.’ When I think Redskins, I think respect, bravery and courage rather than anything derogatory. Also I think Redskins symbolizes the greatness and strength of a grand people.”

Another CCS student, Aidan Macaluso, posted an opposing view: “The way I figure it, if it offends anyone, might as well be changed. It’s not that people ‘just started’ getting offended by it, people have tried to change it in the past. It’s just that we’re finally starting to make progress. I think this movement is inspiring and I am completely for the change.”

Borgstrom said he has not seen the Facebook pages. 

“I am not on Facebook,” he said. “That probably makes my life a whole lot easier.”  

The district has posted text of a speech prepared by Native American author Doug George-Kanentiio on its website, George-Kanentiio was unable to attend the meeting but the message was read by Rebecca Burke-Sciallo. Other links to national coverage are also posted on the same link called “Mascot Nickname Public Comment” in the news section on the website’s homepage. 

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