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March 14, 2013

Village begins budget work


“The challenge we face is the same challenge Joe faced and the same challenged they faced when Carol Waller was mayor, which is that revenues are not enough to meet our expenses,” he said.

“The difference this year is that the last two years, the mayor spearheaded the repeal of paid parking whereas we have expanded the on-street paid parking,” he added.

With paid parking approved and a new partner in collecting ticket money, Complus, about to take over, the village revenues will grow this year. But no one knows how much they will grow.

“It is a transition year for us,” Katz said. “The biggest problem is a function of time. We have these revenues that will come in early in the year, but no one knows what they are yet, and they will not be in, in time for the tentative budget to be released on March 20 or the final budget to be ready in April.”

The board is tentatively budgeting $190,000 in revenues from paid parking and $50,000 in past due parking ticket fees. Katz said he believes both projections are low. In addition, the board is not accounting for the sales of $25 season parking passes.

“I tend to think the permit sales are going to be high,” he said. “That’s what my gut tells me. But the board has not budgeted any revenue from permit sales.”

Several projects the board has scheduled, such as repaving Susquehanna Avenue, are tied to the parking revenue projections being accurate.

“It is the beginning of the fiscal year, so you are going to know pretty early if you have the money,” trustee Lynn Mebust said at Monday’s workshop. “I mean, it isn’t January. You will know by Sept. 1. If the money is there, then you can repave Susquehanna in the fall.”

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