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May 30, 2013

Local teen persues writing career at young age

By Michelle Miller The Cooperstown Crier
Cooperstown Crier

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A Cherry Valley-Springfield junior has already written two novels and is working on a third as part of a Greek mythology trilogy.

Growing up, Barbara Doyle, wrote poems, songs and short stories. She said one of those short stories evolved into her first published book titled “`Til Death Do Us Part”

The 17-year-old, who goes by the pen name B.C. Doyle, said she began the plot and character outline when she was 15 and then started writing when she was 16. The book came out on Nov. 7 2012.

Becoming a published author is a dream-come-true, according to Doyle.

The young author’s second book, “The Secret Vows,” came out on April 10. She said the cover is getting redone, but the volume is available for purchase through Amazon.

“I just started writing the third book,” Doyle said. “Right now I am taking it one book at a time. There could be more to come, but there definitely will be three.”

The teen said she is trying to put as much focus as possible into writing books, but also works as a housekeeper at Lake ‘N Pines Motel.

“I have to split my time. I keep myself pretty busy,” she said.

According to Doyle, when coming up with a Greek myth for the “Fearless Series,” she just wanted to put her own twist on Greek gods.

“I’ve always had an interest in reading and writing about Greek mythology,” she said. “I wanted to put the Greek gods in modern times and modern settings.”

The main character of the series is Mary Jane, who is not an ordinary teenager.

At the age of 15, she is involved in a car wreck that takes the lives of her parents. At the age of 17, Mary Jane struggles to cope with her aunt’s terminal cancer. After her aunt instructs her to meet with a man name Richard, Mary Jane is presented with a way for her to prolong her aunt’s life temporarily.

The catch? Her life is attached to that of her aunt and if she wants to live after her aunt’s passing, she must compete for the gift of immortality.

Whether Mary Jane chooses to compete for immortality is revealed in the first book,and the second book is based on that decision.

Doyle said her work is only available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback form from Amazon. The goal, she said, is to get a lot of positive online reviews so Barnes & Noble and Walmart will become interested in stocking the books.

“It would be especially neat if my work ended up at Barnes & Noble,” Doyle said. “A lot of people from school shop there … and for them to be sitting there with a book by someone they know right in front of them would be amazing.”

Doyle’s books have been self-published through an Amazon company called CreateSpace. The author said a friend in Pennsylvania gave her advice on how to go about getting her work published. She said her editor, Melissa Ringsted of Colorado, has also been instrumental in giving her names of people to help out with her endeavors.

“She kind of acts as my agent,” Doyle said.

Although Doyle said she is pretty sure she wants to pursue writing when she goes to college, either becoming a journalist or some sort of English literature major, she was not always so confident in a career path.

“When I was younger I was not sure what I wanted to do,” she said. “At one point I thought I might want to be a professional singer.”

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