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May 30, 2013

CCS sends two teams to national


Hope Dohner and Erik Mebust, who also competed at nationals last year and will be on the varsity team, said they picked up some small strategies that they think will give the team a better chance this time around.

“It’s really a mental game,” Mebust said. “Having experience should give us more of an edge.”

Having already seen the matchup schedule, the three seniors said they feel fairly confident.

“We will not be up against any of those huge schools we had to play last year,” Mebust said.

“We will not be facing those teams like High Tech or John Cooper, like those  giant college prep schools that we ran into last year,” added Miller.

Iversen said his younger team will probably have a tougher road because not many schools send JV teams unless they have an elite program.

“I really like to compare my teams to smaller schools where the kids are involved in a variety of extracurricular activities,” Iversen said.

Iversen said he will be taking eight students to participate on the JV team. Players will be rotating in and out more and the goal is to prepare them for the varsity level, he said.

“It will give them a chance to just sit, watch and pay attention,” Iversen continued. “Sometimes they can get more out of it by watching because they are not as nervous and they will notice things they might miss while playing.”

Team members also plan to show up better rested. Instead of starting their adventure at midnight and getting there the morning of competition, the journey will begin during the day today. Iversen and parent chaperones will drive the students.

Varsity team member Abby Brown has not competed at nationals before and said she is excited about the opportunity.

“I really like going to quiz team events. I think it is really fun and I like going with our team so I just want to have a good time, do well and leave with no regrets,” she said.

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