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September 5, 2013

CCS gets new signatures and Chromebooks


The Chromebooks require wireless Internet access, which is being expanded at both the elementary and secondary buildings. The district currently has wireless Internet, but it is spotty at best, according to CCS network systems coordinator Mark LaValley. He said the plan is to have total wireless access at the middle/high school by the end of the month and then begin work at the elementary school.

Chalya Pudlewski, high school English teacher, said because the Chromebooks are web-based, students will not be able to download, so the risk of viruses is pretty much eliminated.

“They are very, very affordable; $250 per unit,” she said. “Everything is Google web-based so you have to log into your Google account. Everything is in your history. This is the school’s, not your personal device, so you will need to separate personal from school.”

To start, Hitchcock said the Chromebooks will be used in the freshman seminar and English classes at the ninth-grade level and in the global studies and English classes at the 10th-grade level. She said five to 10 devices will be kept in the library.

“We are not going to turn it over and say OK its yours, do it,” Hitchcock said. “There will be training throughout the year for every staff member.”

Last year Cooperstown changed its nickname from Redskins to CCS Hawkeyes. Hebert said once a moniker was selected the school took the opportunity to look into ways of branding and marketing itself. The school did not change its colors or emblem based on “The Indian Hunter,” but did collaborate with a designer to create new marketing materials. A district logo and associated signatures were adopted at the Aug. 21 board of education meeting.

“I learned quite a bit throughout the process,” Hebert said. “For example, adding the full text of Cooperstown Central School Hawkeyes is sometimes necessary if it is going with something that is not specifically for those who are familiar with Cooperstown. And CCS Hawkeyes may be fine for use in Cooperstown.”

The designs will be made available on the district’s website,

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