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February 28, 2013

Diamond Mines exhibit to honor role of scouts in baseball

Cooperstown Crier

---- — Baseball scouts have fed the pro baseball engine for more than a century, according to a media release from the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

Starting this year, scouts will be honored in Cooperstown with an exhibit called Diamond Mines.

The museum will unveil the interactive exhibit dedicated to scouts on May 4 in Cooperstown, beginning a planned two-year run. The exhibit is made possible with the support of the Scout of the Year Foundation. The exhibit will be featured on the museum’s second floor and feature a searchable database of thousands of scouting reports donated to the Hall of Fame throughout the years by hundreds of scouts, including legends such as Roland Hemond and George Genovese and Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda, who scouted for the Dodgers before beginning his career in the dugout.

According to Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson, the exhibit will explore and bring light to the untold and under-appreciated part of the game, which is scouting.

“There will be artifacts from different scouts, and the centerpiece will be an interactive data base with 6,000 reports and growing,” he said in the release. “It will allow a fan to understand how a kid on a sandlot ends up on a major league club, and in some cases, the Hall of Fame.”

Through Diamond Mines, museum visitors will be able to enter the name of a big league player and search for scouting reports filed on them throughout the years. Reports from more than 200 scouts have already been added to the database.

“The soul of our National Pastime and the success of the sport have always been through the vision of the Professional Baseball Scout,” Roberta Mazur, President of the Scout of the Year Foundation, said in the release. 

The exhibit will also feature three-dimensional artifacts such as radar guns and stopwatches that have served as scouts’ tools of the trade for decades. The exhibit will provide an insider’s view of the essential link between the amateur game and professional baseball and will also recognize Scout of the Year Award winners, an honor given by the Scout of the Year Program since 1984.

Details on the celebration surrounding the opening of Diamond Mines in May will be announced at