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May 9, 2013

Scouts honored with opening of museum's Diamond Mines exhibit


According to Hemond, he would not have had a more than 60-year career in baseball without the scouts’ successful ability.

“I think one of my best assets is that I listened very attentively to what they had to say and then I would take action accordingly, having faith in their judgment, and then jubilation when the player would finally makes his first appearance in the major leagues,” Hemond said. “I reflect upon the infancy days when he joined baseball and I get goose bumps every time when that player is introduced in his major league debut. And when you see them advance to All-Stars, MVPs, Hall of Famers, it reflects on the ability the scout had to project what this player would become.”

Diamond Mines features three-dimensional artifacts such as radar guns and stopwatches that have served as scouts’ tools of the trade for decades. The exhibit will provide an insider’s view of the essential link between the amateur game and professional baseball and will also recognize Scout of the Year Award winners, an honor given by the Scout of the Year Program since 1984.

The exhibit also features a searchable database of scouting reports at

For Mazur, a driving force behind the exhibit’s existence, the weekend has truly been a dream come true.

“I am thrilled and elated to see all of the scouts that are here. I can’t tell you how long this has taken and how thrilled I am to be here sitting in front of all of you today,” Mazur said. “I believe that the presence of Diamond Mines will add to the scouting profession in a very positive way, where they now have their place in the history of baseball.”

Jennings called Diamond Mines “great recognition that lends credence and certainly professionalism to really the most loyal, passionate soldiers in this game. We’ve been told forever that we are the backbone of the organization, we’re the lifeblood, and now with the exhibit here at the Hall of Fame it gives credence and a true thank you to what these men have done and accomplished over their time.”

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