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June 12, 2013

Kids Triathlon hold annual race

Cooperstown Crier

---- — The Kids Triathlon Club held its annual race on Saturday at the Clark Sports Center with 31 kids finishing the race.

The Triathlon Club began its preparation for this annual race with practices every Tuesday and Thursday since April. In practices, the triathletes worked on their swimming, biking, running and the transitions between events. They were prepared both mentally and physically for the big challenge of the Triathlon Race, according to a media release.

The swim took place in The Clark Sports Center pool, followed by the bike route on Brooklyn and Susquehanna avenues and then a dash to the finish with the run on the grounds of The Clark Sports Center.

Parents, grandparents, siblings and friends turned out to cheer on the participants who had proven to themselves, after two months of preparation, that they could indeed complete the race.

Many of the children got their families involved in “weekend workouts” as additional training for the race. the release said. The Kids Triathlon events are geared toward fun, fitness and success for all members; where setting and reaching goals are emphasized above winning.

The coaches, Cheryl Rock, Brenda Wedderspoon-Gray, Sharky Nagelschmidt, Lindsey Bailey and Matt Phillips, would like to congratulate all of the participants for doing such a wonderful job for working hard toward a goal we set in April and reaching it.

If anyone is interested in participating in the Kids Triathlon Club 2014 watch for signs in March for practice dates and times.

Every participant received a medal as they crossed the finish line. Following is list of race participants and their results:

7-8 year olds

Name Age Final


Lily Grady, 7, 17:57

Natalie Hanson, 7, 16:58

Anna Hawkes, 7, 18:14

Margret Resenfeld, 7, 24:44

Melissa Schuermann, 7, 14:46

Claire Jensen, 8, 16:04

Ryan Hellenthal, 7, 17:07

Michael Zhou, 8, 13:08

9-10 year olds

Josephine Bertram, 9, 27:18

Jenny Burch, 9, 28:26

Devon Guzy, 9, 25:34

Stephanie Rudloff, 9, 23:17

Sadie Holtz, 10, 25:04

Anna Lambert, 10, 30:04

Izzy LeBlund, 10, 27:18

Erin Rock, 10, 29:55

Sydnie Streek, 10, 31:45

Cooper Guzy, 9, 22:27

Andrew Nicholson, 10, 23:24

11 year olds

Natalie Fountain, 11, 37:11

Mikeeli Hanson, 11, 35:01

Nora Jensen, 11, 33:21

Julia Ratliff, 11, 39:07

Michael Kelley, 10, 33:01

Trent Cooper, 11, 34:23

Cole Davis, 11, 38:02

Josh Geci, 11, 30:55

Ryan Lansing, 11, 32:07

Reed Porter, 11, 32:52

Anthony Xie, 11, 33:23

12 & overs

Matt Burch, 15, 38:02

Returning Triathletes Recognized:

Second Year Participants: Michael Zhou, Stephanie Rudloff, Sadie Holtz, Natalie Fountain, Michael Kelley, Josh Geci.

Third Year Participants: Erin Rock, Sydnie Streek, Nora Jensen, Anthony Xie, Katie Boyle.

Fourth Year Participants: Mikeeli Hanson, Trent Cooper, Reed Porter.

Two triathletes could not complete the race due to injury, but we would like to recognize their efforts for attending the practices and giving it all to participate: Carson Guzy and Katie Boyle.

Anna Hawkes and Ryan Lansing were the recipients of the Rookie Awards.