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October 25, 2012

Low numbers threaten field hockey future

Players, coaches push to keep sport at CCS


That lack of education has also perpetuated myths about the game that have been an impediment to its growth. The rumors have become such a problem that has devoted a page of its website to dispelling myths such as: only girls play field hockey, it’s like lacrosse and it’s dangerous.

According to the site, the gender of players who participate in field hockey is equally divided in other countries. Rock said that years ago Cooperstown even had a male player.

“Her dad played a long time ago,” Rock said indicating one of the current players, Mary Iversen. “He was the only male, I think, to play for Cooperstown. It’s kind of a neat thing. He’s a music teacher here.” speculated that the reason people think field hockey and lacrosse are similar is because both involve a stick and a ball. The site went on to say that, “In lacrosse, the ball is played in the air, it is a contact sport, and the ball is allowed behind the goal. None of these rules apply to field hockey.”

“I treat injuries,” Lassiter said. “We haven’t seen a field hockey player yet for a serious injury. They get their hands bruised with the stick, but it’s a lot less dangerous than soccer for their knees, ankles. It’s a lot less dangerous than football, and it’s less dangerous than cheerleading. Cheerleading, at the college level, is the most dangerous sport in America because the girls get thrown up in the air and they break their necks.”

The girls who are on this year’s team admitted that part of the reason Cooperstown has lost players is because in recent years, they weren’t known for their winning record. That’s not the case this year.

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