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October 17, 2013

Gossage's famous moments entertain HOF visitors

'Greatest comeback in history' 35 years ago


Gossage said he thinks million dollar contracts have made hitters unwilling to stand in against inside pitches and caused baseball officials to take greater steps to protect hitters. “It is just so different today,” he said. “I couldn’t have even played.”

Now back home in Colorado, Gossage said he loves coming to Cooperstown and loves to watch the postseason. Like many Yankees fans, he is experiencing a weird sensation as he finds himself rooting a once hated rival.

“First of all I am glad for Donny, but he still doesn’t look right in that uniform,” he said, as the Yankees fans in the audience also cheered the idea of Dodgers manager Don Mattingly finally winning a World Series. “I’m pulling for the Dodgers, and I thought that would never come out of my mouth.

“Donny was a rookie in my last year with the Yankees, and we got to be good friends. So I am rooting for the Dodgers. I never thought I would say that because 1981 still sticks in my craw,” he said.

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