Budgets for the coming year were approved by voters Tuesday in area school district elections.

In Cooperstown, district residents passed a $15.9 million budget proposal by a margin of 466 to 199. The budget represents a 3.5 percent decrease in spending from the current year and a 5.8 percent increase in the tax levy.

``Our objective was to find the best balance between a program of education that met the expectations of Cooperstown students and parents while minimizing what we knew would be a difficult increase in property taxes,’’ Board of Education President Anthony Scalici said during the budget hearing earlier this month.

A separate proposition for the purchase of a school bus was also approved 400 to 222.

In voting for two seats on the board of education, incumbents Mary Leonard and Paula Greene ran unopposed. Leonard, the current board vice-president, received 590 votes and Greene received 518.

According to District Clerk Darlene Bennett, a total of 683 ballots were cast.

Cherry Valley-Springfield residents approved the district’s $11.6 million budget plan by the margin of 341 to 166. Spending under the proposal is up 1.15 percent. The new budget will increase the tax levy by 2.9 percent.

``Our philosophy has been to maintain the educational opportunities of the students in the district while economizing in all areas,’’ superintendent Robert Miller said in an earlier interview.

A proposition for the transfer of funds for approved capital project was passed by a vote of 412 to 85.

In the race for one seat on the board of education, incumbent Kathleen Taylor won re-election with 267 votes. Challenger Michael Beckingham received 206 votes.

There were 511 ballots cast.

In Milford, the $9.3 million spending plan was approved by a vote of 169 to 66. Both spending and the tax levy will rise less than 1 percent under the new budget.

``In this budget, the board has sought to provide as much relief as we can to Milford taxpayers given current economic conditions without compromising on the excellence of the Milford educational program and without risking the district’s financial position,’’ MCS Board of Education President Tom Brennan said earlier.

There were three seats on the board of education up for election and three incumbents ran unopposed. Paul Beisler received 194 votes, Susan Ward, 178 and Kenneth Stanford 175 votes.