Milford students, under the direction of Karen Sittler will present their annual Spring Concert on Tuesday, May 18, at 7 p.m.

Each year, the children have performed a mini-musical for the public.

This year is no exception. The first, second and third graders will present ``Dinostars,’’ which is a “take-off” on American Idol, according to organizers. The dinosaurs are the performers.

They will perform for a panel of judges who rate them on their skills. According to organizers, one of the judges even has a British accent similar to Simon Cowell on American Idol.

The third-grade students have all been assigned parts. Some are judges or storytellers. The others play the role of the unique singing and dancing dinosaurs.

All first- and second-grade children will perform as part of the “Dinosaur Chorus.” Oranizers said all first and second graders have made their own masks in art class to wear during the performance.

Following “Dinostars,” the fourth graders will present “The Drum.” According to organizers, ``The Drum’’ is based on a folk tale of kindness and generosity. A young girl, Jordan, has one wish in life - to someday have a drum. Her mother tells her that they have no money for a drum but only the necessities of life. Jordan is kind and caring and meets many people throughout her day. Their compassion leads Jordan to a unique discovery. A very special “guest” will be part of the end of this show, but we do not want to give away the surprise, said organizers.

According to organizers, the children made all the scenery for the show. Drogens Warehouse supplied refrigerator boxes that have been transformed into a village marketplace. The fourth graders designed them in art class.

Organizers said the students have been practicing for many weeks to present this performance. The performance will also be shown at 1:40 p.m. on Tuesday as an assembly for the Milford students.

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