Two candidates withdraw from Cooperstown elections 


The village elections in Cooperstown next month will be less competitive than expected. 

According to Village Administrator Teri Barown, only one of the three nominated Republican candidates filed the paperwork to run in the March 20 elections. The other two instead filled paperwork saying they were declining their nominations. 

Otsego County Republican chair Vince Casale confirmed Wednesday that Jonathan Becker and Art Boden decided not to run for positions as village mayor and trustee respectively. 

"Mr. Becker and Art Boden did decline," Casale said in an email Wednesday. "These were personal decisions by both candidates."

Fred Schneider, co-owner of the Landmark Inn on Chestnut Street, is still running as a Republican candidate for a trustee position. Democrats Cindy Falk and Jim Dean are running for re-election as trustees. All three candidates will run for the two positions, with the top two vote getters winning election. 

Deputy Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh is running for mayor, seeking to replace Mayor Jeff Katz, who is not seeking a fourth term. 

According to Barown, Tillapaugh, Falk and Dean also collected enough signatures to be listed on the independent ballot line as the “Many Voices, One Village" party. 

The Democrats nominated their candidates on Jan. 29 and the Republicans nominated their candidates on Jan. 30, both at party caucuses. 

Cooperstown has not had a competitive election for mayor since 2010, when Republican Joe Booan defeated Katz. Booan did not seek re-election in 2012, and Katz ran unopposed three consecutive times. 

John Sansevere has run twice for trustee in the past three years, once as a Republican and once as an independent, but he lost to incumbents both times. 

In Cooperstown, the mayor serves a two-year term, but the six trustees serve three-year terms. 

Candidates had until Feb. 13 to submit petitions to get on the ballot. The election is Tuesday, March 20 from noon to 9 p.m.




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