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November 7, 2013

Elizabeth Nan Dean Chilton


In 1974, Libby received a fresh set of paints just as she and Bob were becoming “empty nesters” so Libby decided to put them to good use taking art classes in historic Savannah, Ga., just years before the founding of Savannah College of Art and Design. Soon her talents as a landscape artist blossomed. She graciously gave away her paintings to family and friends throughout the years. The family moved quite a bit, from the Northeast to the Southeast, finally settling in Bedford, N.H., for more than 20 years. Libby applied not only her other artistic talents as they moved from house to house, painting and wallpapering rooms, but also her gardening talents she learned from her father, Clarence. She oftentimes found rocks barely hidden beneath the earth which inevitably turned into boulders. Bob, the naïve city boy, was responsive to her calls for help. He diligently heeded Libby’s directions, and managed to unearth the rocks with a pick and shovel. Libby always took it from there, rolling them to the most aesthetically pleasing place in her garden or neatly wedging them into rock wall she was building.

Elizabeth and Robert had a love that endured. A look or a touch was all it took to reignite their undying love, and out of that love, Libby and Bob had three children, William Reeve Chilton, Elizabeth Carter Chilton, and Susan Gail Chilton. As a mother, Libby was always there, making great toboggan runs for flying saucers, tending to wounds when play became a bit dangerous, and creating unique songs, such as “We’re Pals Today”, a stair marching song. Libby had an uncompromising spirit, and as Bob often said, you always knew where Libby stood on an issue. Libby enjoyed life to its fullest, always rising to the occasion to tip a glass with friends and family. She will remain close to our hearts, is deeply missed, and will be forever loved.

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