It is with sadness that we note the recent death of Grace Welsh. 

We first knew Grace through Christ Church. She always sat in the pew directly behind the Ellsworth pew, so we often passed the peace with her. She also was part of the group of ladies from church who made and stuffed heart pillows for the cardiac patients at Bassett. Thus we spent a number of hours together brushing the remains of the polyester fiberfil off our clothing. But we think we will remember her most fondly for all the times we watched the Fourth of July fireworks from her front porch. Over the years we noted that the trees had grown up, blocking our view of some of the displays. But we rather doubted anyone would consider topping the trees so our view would be better. And of course when she moved to the Thanksgiving Home, we both agreed that we would have little hope of watching the fireworks from her room since her windows faced in a southernly direction. But we shall miss all the enjoyable times we had with Grace. To her family and friends we extend our deepest sympathy.

The next meeting of the Literary Discussion Group, sponsored by the Women’s Club of Cooperstown, will be held on Thursday, April 25 at 2:30 p.m. at the Village of Cooperstown Library. The book for discussion will be

“Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. The discussion of the book will be led by Pat Wilson. The meeting is open to the public and anyone interested in this month’s book selection is invited to attend. For more information about this meeting, or the Literary Discussion Group, please contact us as indicated below.

We recently read what we thought was a fairly interesting piece on distracted driving in the March/April 2013 issue New York AAA’s magazine, “Car and Travel.” Written by Peter Crescent, the executive director of the magazine, the article covers all the well-known causes of distracted driving, as well as another potential deadly distraction, namely, according to the article, “...electronic message boards that have become ubiquitous in front of schools, firehouse, first-aid headquarters and community centers. By telling me to ‘Drive Safely’ or ‘Buckle Your Seatbelt’ they are potentially distracting me from doing what they think they’re doing me a favor by telling me: Driving safely.”

The article continues with “But that’s not the worst of it. Some of these digital bulletin boards are animated; many broadcast multi-screen announcements, such as ‘School Board Elections, Friday, 8 p.m. (one screen), R.W. Jones High School Auditorium (second screen), Don’t forget to Vote’ (third screen!).” And while we do not recall encountering any of these digital bulletin boards around here, we do know there is a most distracting billboard going south on I-271 around Cleveland, Ohio. Every time we pass it in our travels, we can’t help but wonder how many of the drivers are reading the various changing signs on the billboard as we tool along about 65 mph in what is usually three lanes of solid traffic. We really think that billboard is something we could do without.

And while on the subject of travel, it seems that we have recently reached a point at which we thought it might be prudent to replace the Red Rocket. We purchased the Red Rocket a number of years ago now while visiting our son in Mount Vernon, Ohio. And we must say it has served us very well. But, it is most definitely showing sign of its age. And we thought that before it gave up the ghost and we got stuck somewhere, it might be a really good idea to acquire a replacement. Thus, we went online to see what our opinions might be. To say that we had a lot of choices was an understatement.

After looking through a lot of options, we decided on a lavender walker. Along the way sometime we had encountered someone who owned a lavender walker and remember thinking we would like one ourselves. So we were quite excited when we found one. Of course, we did discover that walkers can be had in a number of colors so we did have to restrain ourselves from purchasing one for every outfit. But we were pleased that given its color, the lavender wonder arrived in time for Easter.

We also realized, given its color, that we cannot call it the Red Rocket II. And so we have been puzzling over possible purple/lavender names. We immediately thought that the “Purple Perambulator” would be a good choice. However, it is quite a mouthful and thus thought “Purple Plum” might be better. We also came up with the “Purple Passion” and the “Lavender Lark.” In fact, we came up with so many names, that we are unable to pick one.

Besides, there is always the possibility that someone else might come up with the perfect name that we have not even considered. Thus, we thought we might ask for suggestions for an appropriate name for the new walker. We would hope that readers with an idea for a name would contact us with their suggestions. And, of course, we are always happy to hear what is thought about the names we have pondered.

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