“Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you.” - Langston Hughes There is a never a shortage of humor at the  Thanksgiving Home, andAugust was no different.

Those of us who gather for the crossword puzzle challenge in the mornings  laughed and giggled ourway into a new vocabulary!

Some of us learned words we had never heard before such as “cerise” (which is a  shade of red, derived fromthe French for cherry); “shoat,” which is a young, weaned  pig; and “cloyed,” whichmeans satisfied or satiated.

Hilde Parr, Martha Quinn, Wally Pickhardt, Lois Warrell, Patsy DeBaun and Sandy Brown amused each other by trying to use the new words throughout the day. August was also Opera Season here at the Home.

Many residents and staff,  including Bill Bowes, PatsyDeBaun and Jan Scrafford, enjoyed “Annie Get Your Gun” and “Carmen”. We are fortunate to have the opera house so close to us and took advantage of it.

This month our ecumenical service was a family affair. Sandy Brown’s mother, Episcopal priest Marilyn Sanders, led the service and inspired us with a sermon about the hymn “Amazing Grace.”

Jeanette Hansen, Hilde Parr, Martha Quinn, Ralph Veenema, Alberta Bowes, Patsy DeBaun, Lois Warrell, and Ireland Gable enjoyed Reverend Sanders’ sermon as well as the beautiful music of Dottie Bly.

This month’s birthdays included both bipeds and quadrupeds: Fannie Navarra, Sandy Brown, Joanne Burdick and Ginger the orange cat all celebrated their birthdays at the August birthday party with a delicious applesauce cake.

We husked corn together, and then enjoyed wonderful picnics with all our favorite foods. We also took every opportunity to savor ice cream at local shops as well as ice cream socials and make your own sundae events at the home.

We welcomed two new residents this month, Lois Warrell and Norma Wagner. They are both so gracious and personable that their presence makes our wonderful community even more vibrant!

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