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November 27, 2013

Settling in, becoming more Danish

I have been In Denmark for a few month now, and everyday life has started to become a routine. 

I have not been adventuring and exploring Denmark, instead I have started to settle into the flow of everyday life. I have not traveled to Norway, and I have not traveled to the south part of Jutland. What I have done is become more Danish.

I have started to get used to the routine of living in Denmark. I was warned that after the first few months, most exchange students get a bit bored. I am starting to feel some of these effects. I am not saying I am bored, in fact I am still having a wonderful time, but I can feel that things are not moving quite as fast.

I am finding that everything seems to feel normal. Now that I have been here for a few months I am feeling much more comfortable. The things I was nervous about or not used to in the beginning of my exchange, seem normal now. I was not accustomed to utilize public transportation in my every day life, but I have become habituated to it since. I am given more independence, being a part of the Danish youth, and my hosts parents give me responsibilities that are ordinary for Denmark. This independence was a bit strange at first, but I have become accustomed to it now. The things that seemed to be out of place when I first arrived, have become completely normal. 

When I first saw my town, I was surprised how out of place it felt. When I walk there now, it doesn’t feel abnormal. Also, I am getting more accustomed to school. I find it easier to talk to the other students and the teachers. I feel comfortable talking to members of the class who I am not usually conversant with. I also find it easier to participate in class. I am able to help out with class work and I am trying more of the problems that are in Danish. I am happy that I am able to talk with more people from my class, because I am making more friends every day.

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