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October 11, 2012

Our Readers' Opinions: Oct. 11. 2012

Candidate will represent best interests of all

When my wife and I moved here 13 years ago to begin our careers and raise our family, I never dreamed I would be seeking public office.

My decision to run for councilman in the town of Otsego was not made lightly. In my view, public service is an honorable calling. As a health care professional, a combat veteran, a community volunteer, homeowner and parent, I firmly believe one should and must give back to the community. My goal is to represent the best interests of all residents of our town and village.

I am opposed to fracking and as a member of the town board I will not support it. I will also be a good steward of the taxpayer’s dollars and ensure that all town spending be as economical as possible. We need to provide necessary services in an efficient manner, eliminate waste, and explore innovative means of doing so. I will work hard to create the type of community in which everyone can thrive. I would appreciate your vote for Otsego Town Board on Nov. 6.

Paul Russo

Town of Otsego

Springfield is not Cooperstown

As a lifelong resident of Springfield and a Historical Society member, I feel the need to address an ongoing travesty taking place in our town.

There is an arrogance and disrespecting of our governing body, by a select few within our Historical Society. They are ignoring the decision of the town board to withdraw its support for the proposed historic district and have continued with their objectives, on the advice of an unknown entity.

I feel that some in town, who will remain nameless, have lost sight, or maybe not of what is important to one’s hometown. Simply stated, if you are open, honest and listen within your town, you will bring into it a sense of pride and community involvement. Much of this has been relatively missing with respect to a select few within the historical society and their silent backers.

It’s a fact that the only public meeting on this proposed historic district was sponsored not by our historical society, but myself and others back in August.

It’s also a fact that Otsego 2000 is a major player in this endeavor. I know this through a conversation I had with Otsego 2000 in which I was told that after the public meeting in August, State Historic Preservation Office tells them that those in Springfield have to do more. Also disclosed in the same context was that Otsego 2000 is receiving monies (private donations etc.) on behalf of our historical society, to pay off the fees generated by a consultant who was hired by our historical society.

When asked at a meeting of the total costs of the consulting work done toward the proposed district, the consultant was advised by Otsego 2000 to just give them your hourly rate.

There is a lot wrong with this picture and it’s hard to know where to begin. Basically, I feel that you could draw the conclusion that by soliciting an outside source/organization to assist in this capacity, whether needed or not, is doing our town a disservice. Otsego 2000 and private donors could be pulling some strings while furthering their own agenda (as the sponsors of the Glimmerglass District).

Mostly, I feel you could see them wrongly defining the character of Springfield and determining in their view what would be good for us. I see no honor in letting others define us, as if they know what is in our best interest. We need to be in control of our own destiny.

Ken Ostrander

East Springfield

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