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March 2, 2012

Your Opinion: March 1, 2012

Booster Club says thanks

The Milford Central School Booster Club would like to take this time to thank its sponsors for their support in helping make the Coaches vs. Cancer event on Jan. 27, a success.

The night was filled with numerous activities. The Schenevus and Milford basketball teams provided three exciting games for spectators towatch. The public was treated to an enhanced menu at the concession stand which was a great success. The evening also included a small Chinese Auction, bake sale and special raffles.

The Milford Cancer Awareness Club at Milford Central School organized a Spirit Week at school to raise additional funds for cancer research. They also sold basketball signs that individuals could purchase in memory or in honor of family members and friends who have or had to battle cancer. This was a great way to recognize their fight, as well as recognize just how this widespread disease affects everyone.

Through the efforts of everyone that contributed to the success of our fundraising event, we will be sending the American Cancer Society a check in the amount of $2,506.51 to help in its search for a cure. So in closing we again want to extend a huge thank you to Schenevus Central School and everyone who made this event a success.

Milford Central School Booster Club

Participate by voting

This month, I helped my son study for his fourth-grade social studies test. The subject was the American Revolution and the importance of having a voice in government, particularly on issues related to taxation. In the uncontested village election on March 20, there may seem little need to vote, but as a candidate I hope that village residents choose to participate. And even more importantly, both before and after the election I look forward to hearing your opinions on the issues the board faces. I decided to run for trustee out of a commitment to public service. As your elected representative, I will need your support and your input.

For the past six years I have been involved on Cooperstown’s Planning Board.

My work on the board has impressed upon me the importance of thoroughpreparation and impartiality in decision making. It has taught me to listen, even when I don’t agree, and to work toward consensus. And, it has convinced me of the importance of long-term strategic planning, a concept that can and should not only be applied to zoning but also to municipal fiscal matters.

As an architectural historian by training, I have also been a member of the Historic Preservation and Architectural Review Board since its founding in 2008. I see preservation as more than just saving pretty buildings; it is tied to issues of great importance in Cooperstown: economic (re) development, environmental sustainability, and heritage tourism. As a trustee, I believe my background in preservation and planning will be helpful in decisions concerning future development and rehabilitation projects, the ever problematic issue of parking, and the maintenance of village property, particularly 22 Main Street and the village parks.

My husband and I came to upstate New York when I started my job at the Cooperstown Graduate Program. We chose to live in Cooperstown and to raise our two children here because we fell in love with the people and the place. We have both taken active roles in the community.

Being nominated as a candidate for the position of  trustee is a great honor for me. I hope you will confirmmy decision to run with your vote March 20.

Cindy Falk