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November 14, 2013

Watching trees as the seasons change

There is a tree right outside the window in the dining room, that I face when I’m in there eating my meals and I’ve been watching it as the season changes. The leaves gradually turned from green to crimson and gold and when the sun shone on them, they were dazzling. I would come in each day and think, “This is it, they’ve reached their peak,” but no, they continued to get more colorful. Almost without noticing it though, they started to fade and then the leaves began to fall off. And now the branches are bare, except for a few hangers-on. 

 It makes me sad. I know that it means winter is on the way and as I get older, the winters seem longer and colder. But, this year I’ll be living here at the Clara Welch Thanksgiving Home and my winter will be much easier and less lonely. 

I’m getting used to the routine and activities here. A pretty young lady named Kate Sentz, has been coming in two days a week to keep us old folks interested in playing games and other activities. A young man named John Santello has been hired as full time activities director and he brings with him lots of enthusiasm and many ideas to keep us busy and interested.

On Oct. 2, I was invited to join a team to play volleyball. If you’ve never seen a game of volleyball played by 80 and 90 year olds, let me explain how it works. Two rows of chairs are lined up on each side of a net. The team members sit in the chairs and one of the rules of the game is that they are not permitted to get out of the chair to hit the ball over the net. That’s a good rule because it would be difficult for many of us to get out of the chair any way. Hands, heads, and feet may be used to get the ball over the net, but the player must remain seated. By the way, the “ball” is a balloon.

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