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November 14, 2013

Watching trees as the seasons change


The teams were named “the Gingers” and “the Jacks” after our house pets. I was on “the Jacks” along with Dee Burnett, Gene Dietz, Margaret Rees, and we were helped along by Staff members Jennifer Hunter, Frank Miller and Mike Walrath. 

Linda Graves, and our director, Laurie Blatt stepped in at times to help “the Gingers” team, which consisted of Fannie Navarra, Lois Warrell, Jeanette Hansen, Carrie Jane Watkins, Nancy Waller and Wanda Noyes. The game got a little out of hand and I’m not sure which team actually won, but my vote for MVP for the “Gingers” goes to Fannie, who never missed a shot that came her way and for the “Jacks,” it goes to Margaret who kept kicking the “ball” to keep it in the air for the other team members to get it over the net. Needless to say, we had a hilarious time. 

 Someday I’ll tell you how we bowl.

Every day at 4:30 p.m. we have “Happy Hour” where the residents gather in the living room for a drink of their choice and snacks. It’s usually a quiet time of relaxation and conversation, but we were fortunate on Oct. 14, to have a young lady, named Rene Wyant come to play the piano. She played lovely lilting tunes. Rene is a friend of staff member Jennifer Hunter, whose family, Colt Patenaude and Cailyn, their thirteen month old daughter were also here. It was fun to watch this cute little toddler running around and that day we truly had a “Happy Hour.”

There is a combined birthday party every month for the residents and staff who have a birthday in that month. This month the party was held on Oct. 17 and the honorees were Alex Melniczenko, Lauren Miller, Dottie Bly, Amanda Groshen, Carrie Jane Watkins, Martha Quinn and Phil Bresee. The living room looked festive decorated with balloons and streamers. We had a harvest birthday cake, filled with apples, raisins and nuts and topped with cream cheese icing. Delicious. It was made by Darcey Shilling, of dining services, who turns out many of the delectable treats that we are served. Besides the combined party, each resident gets to choose his/her favorite dessert to be served at dinner on the exact date of their birth.

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