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March 9, 2012

Your Opinion: March 8, 2012

Concert Series  wraps up season,says thanks

Cooperstown Concert Series ended its 42nd season on Saturday night as Eilen Jewell and her band wowed the 300 people packed into the soldout Otesaga ballroom.

On behalf of our board of directors, we wish to thank all of our patrons, sponsors, subscribers and all others who attended our concerts this season. We simply could not bring the talented artists we’ve had this past year without your generous help and support.

As an all-volunteer organization, Concert Series’ mission is to provide great entertainment to our community in the fall and winter months when we all need it the most. For us, it’s always nice to see so many familiar and friendly faces in attendance on concert nights.

Our search committee has been hard at work developing the schedule for next season, our 43rd! The 2012-13 season will embrace some exciting  new ideas and changes whichwe hope will make your concert experience even better.

Remember, the latest information is always available on our website,, or on

our Facebook page. Check in often for news and please join our email list by contacting us at info@cooperstownconcertseries. org.  Again, our heartfelt thankson joining us for another memorable season.

Jim Hill and Jeff Katz


Cooperstown Concert Series

Travel Club offers thanks

Thank you very much to all of the students, parents and guests who attended and worked at the Cooperstown High School Travel Club Chinese Buffet and Auction Fundraiser on Saturday, January 21. Special thanks to the fantastic chefs, Brian Wrubleski, and Mindy and Xuedong Zhang of China Wok. The food was fantastic, the auction donations were great, and the fellowship was fun. A very special thank you to the Cooperstown Vet’s Club, which hosted the event without charge. The proceeds from this event will provide traveling money for 14 of the 24 students visiting China this April.

CCS Travel Club

Get involved

The most often heard excuse for not voting in an election is “my one little vote won’t make a difference.” Yet, history is full of instances proving the enormous power of one single vote. In many cases, the course of nations has been changed because one individual ballot was cast — or not cast — depending upon your point of  view. In 2010, 37 percent of218,054,301 eligible voters turned out for election day (1.6 percent of the entire U.S. population, 2.3 percent of eligible voters). What does all that mean? It means 15 percent of 310 million citizens elected some portion of 536 people.

The solution is very simple.

We must start to acknowledge the correlation between widespread lack of participation and the rise of dysfunctional partisan government that is often not working for the people. Start by getting informed, follow our link and learn about your local elected officials.

The League of Women Voters will be sponsoring a question and answer forum with all the candidates from 7 to 9 p.m. March 15, in the village office. Please come out and hear the candidates’ views and positions. Please voice your opinions to me on our party’s choices, and who you would like to see on the ballot in our next election.

Additionally, look up your governor, congressman, state representatives and your mayor; find out who may be running against them in the next election. Get organized, and join campaigns where people going door to door can defeat the big money candidates who waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on negative campaigns. Start by getting involved in your local elections, come out and vote on March 20 and support our candidates for the village election. I believe, the village residents owe it not only to themselves, but also to the men and woman who died protecting our right to vote. Please call or email me to get involved

Richard D. Abbate

Village Democratic Chairman

Cell 607-544-5039

Choices are made in best interest of village

 As my one-year positionas trustee comes to a close, I very much appreciate the nomination of the Cooperstown Democratic Party and the opportunity to run again for village trustee.

I have enjoyed this experience and I hope that I have earned sufficient confidence of village residents to ask for your votes to continue for three more years

As a trustee I have always tried to make the choices that were in the best interest of the village first. As chairman of the Environmental Conservation Committee, which has many interested members, I am open to discuss all new and innovative ideas to move Cooperstown forward and to shoulder our community responsibilities as citizens of the world.

I would like to run again, without hesitation, in large part because of my fellow trustees who have contributed so much to my positive experience. I also fully support Jeff Katz as mayor. I have worked with Jeff for this past year and I have found him to be an intelligent, knowledgeable, hard working and fair person with the best interests of the village as his number one concern. He is a calm and measured thinker who navigates the complexities of issues toward the most appropriate solution.

I would also look forward to working with Cindy Falk. Cindy is a very bright, organized, well educated young woman who has already devoted six years to serving the village on various boards, and fortunately, she is willing to continue to serve.

I hope that village residents will come out in force this March 20 to support Jeff Katz for mayor and Cindy Falk and me for trustees.

A strong showing of support at the polls would give all of us a great start going forward

Thank you for your consideration.

James Dean


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