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December 20, 2012

Our Readers' Opinions: Dec. 20, 2012


In the past, I asked a representative of Taylor’s why the cost of gas was so high in Cooperstown? I was told that it costs more to truck it to Cooperstown. Oh, silly me, I didn’t figure that cost in because the company-owned delivery truck leaves Cooperstown in the morning and returns in the afternoon. After I laughed, I was advised the higher price here helps to make up for the lower prices in other areas, where they have to be competitive due to the competition. I have talked to a representative of Stewart’s in Saratoga, who assured me that they were doing everything to keep the gasoline prices down in Cooperstown.

I hope everyone in Cooperstown appreciates our “Hometown Neighborhood Stores.” Maybe all of the year-round residents of this area should show our appreciation of these stores. For one week we should give the local gas stations a break and purchase our fuel out of town. This would be a way to show our support to them, for the way they treat us during the year, especially during the off-tourist season.

James Tallman



When will we grow up?

“Land of the free, home of the brave” where any nut with a little care can get a gun to kill people. When an attempt is made to limit the purchase for the sole purpose of hunting, there’s an uproar. I guess a lot of people’s manhood is threatened. Does any other country allow civilians to wander around the streets armed to kill? 

When will we grow up and limit guns strictly for hunting? There are thousands of gun killings every year in our country, but we have to have another massacre to (hopefully) get concrete action. Let the NRA have its hunting rifles. No more killings of the innocent.

Nancy Waller


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