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October 18, 2012

Our Readers' Opinions: Oct. 18, 2012


Once again, I see that the pedestrian crossing sign at Chestnut and Beaver streets in Cooperstown has been illegally removed from its proper place in the street. This necessary sign reminds all drivers in that congested area that they must yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. 

This particular crosswalk is heavily used throughout the year because it is the best legal crossing between most of the village and two of our favorite stores: Taylor’s (The Village Tower) and Stewart’s. In addition, it is the best crossing for those on the west side of Chestnut to access Badger Park, Price Chopper and the elementary and high school.

If you are moving this sign, shame on you. And stop it. 

In addition, I ask the village trustees to direct the village police and department of public works employees to reinstall the sign whenever it is removed.

John Odell


Support Hohensee for town board

Tom Hohensee has been expressing his concern and caring for town of Otsego residents long before his decision to extend that service by seeking to become a representative of the town of Otsego board. His long term involvement as a board member of both the Leatherstocking Education on Alcoholism /Addictions Foundation and Cooperstown Youth Soccer clearly demonstrates community activism and involvement.

Early on in our efforts to make the town of Otsego board aware of the dangers of fracking, when people were wondering what all the fuss was about or being skeptical about stopping the most powerful industry on earth from fracking NYS, Tom was in there making phone calls and collecting names on petitions to present to the town of Otsego board to give our concerns the gravity and seriousness they demanded.

Beyond his record of commitment to our community, Tom Hohensee brings a unique opportunity to Cooperstown and town of Otsego residents. He has lived in the town of Otsego many years and recently has moved to the village of Cooperstown. This dual perspective enables him to inform the town of Otsego board from both vantage points, bringing balance in decision making, synergies in government and avoiding misunderstandings.

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