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July 18, 2013

Our Readers' Opinions

Protect drinking water

The recent good news that the state Department of Transportation has suspended herbicide straying along West Lake Road was in response to a forceful request by the Otsego Lake Watershed Supervisory Committee, and they deserve our thanks.

The decision to challenge this spraying of chemical weed killer along Cooperstown’s drinking water source was made after a careful consideration of the products used.

It would be inconsistent and notable by its absence if this committee avoids the same analysis of the turf chemicals used on the Leatherstocking Golf Course at the Otesaga Hotel, and the Otsego Golf Club at the north end of the lake.

The home teams should get the same scrutiny as those from away when it comes to protecting drinking water.

Michael Whaling 

Sharon Springs


Concert fine idea, not

Congratulations to Cooperstown Mayor Katz for bringing the Grateful Dead to our village.

His ability to turn Elm Street into a truck terminal is noteworthy, but his concern for our environment is even more admirable. We experienced having a tractor-trailer idle in front of our house all day and into the night spewing diesel fumes for us to breathe. That a treat!

I took a walk from our Elm Street home then up Susquehanna to the Chamber of Commerce building on Chestnut. On the way up Susquehanna, I encountered three small groups smoking pot as they walked along. Having spent some 28 years in working in higher education, I know what burning weed smells like. Bringing the aroma of pot smoking to our village streets has to be notable!

In addition, I saw some young men drinking on Susquehanna, and it wasn’t ice tea. Any good tax-paying bar in the village of Cooperstown would be fined if they allowed drinking beer on the sidewalk in front of their place. Consistency in public policy is important, right Mr. Mayor? 

And, Mr. Mayor, do you know how many drug overdose cases were treated in the Bassett emergency room on Sunday night? 

The villages around Cooperstown in Otsego County have to be amazed of our accomplishments this week.

Stan Hall 


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