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July 28, 2011

Your Opinion: July 28, 2011

— Issue comes up at election time

Elections for County Rep. in District 7 this year are especially important to those of us who wish to preserve the Otsego Lake Watershed. A good fiscal policy is one which will protect jobs, encourage appropriate growth and not trade one industry, such as gas drilling for our state’s two main industries: farming and tourism.

Another major issue is privatizing the Otsego Manor. Those of us who support the Otsego Manor, know that it is run with the best interests of the residents in mind, while doing their fiscal best to preserve the quality of life for the residents. The Manor employs many local people who work very hard to make that happen.

The Otsego Manor is one of the things this county does really well, and should not be dragged out every election because people think this candidate will save us money. He will not.

The reason the Manor is excellent is because of the care. As our population ages, it isn’t wise to think of giving that over to some conglomerate that is only concerned about saving pennies and being “pound” foolish.

Maureen Culbert