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May 2, 2013

Change is never taken lightly


We certainly believe the alumni association has done an excellent job trying to keep people informed and updated — at least on its site. We must admit we are not aware of other ways it has reached out to others. 

However, in recent conversations, we have learned some had no clue the alumni association has a Facebook page while others have complained they do not have access to the internet. It has also come to our attention that some people had difficulty opening the survey on their smartphones and tablets.  

We do feel the school tried to get the word out and allow everyone to participate in a survey of some form. The Crier tried to aid in those efforts by keeping our readers informed throughout the entire process — but found it somewhat difficult because we had to refer people to our website for updates because of our weekly print deadlines.  

Was “CCS Hawkeyes” the best choice? It may not be the most original or could get confusing because the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League team goes by the name “Cooperstown Hawkeyes.” But the name seemed to be the favorite — receiving the most support by students, teachers and the public via surveys.

We know many take great pride in being a “Redskin” and there are emotional ties that connect people to the name, but now that the change has been made, we hope the community can embrace the the decision and move forward.

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