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November 27, 2013

Wishing we would fall out of falling back

Cooperstown Crier

---- — We all turned back our clocks on Sunday, Nov. 3 for Daylight Savings Time. But do you know why we do this?

 I didn’t and so I Googled “History of Daylight Savings Time” and here is the gist of what I learned. It dates back to the 1700s when we did everything based on when we had sunlight. Benjamin Franklin was the one to suggest we all get up earlier to save on candles. But it is said that he was just joking. It wasn’t implemented until World War I when countries at war started setting their clocks an hour early to save coal. 

Daylight Savings Time was repealed during the years of peace, but revived again during World War II. More than 70 countries currently practice it because they believe it saves money on electricity, but actually a study has shown just the opposite. In the U.S., Arizona and Hawaii have opted out. It has been shown that DST has messed with sleeping patterns and may also cause heart attacks, according to the American Journal of Cardiology. More and more countries are revaluating whether or not to hold on to this relic from the past. I, for one hope we do not.

Nov. 1 was celebrated as National Author’s Day. Nancy Waller and I were introduced as CWTH authors. I feel like a fraud when introduced as an author because I never intended for my “Dear Bert” letters, to be published as a book. However, Nancy is a real author and her book, “My Nanking Home, 1918-1937,”  is about her life in China, where she was born. Every afternoon at 3 p.m. a group gathers in the library and one of the staff reads aloud to them. They have just finished reading our two books and are now reading Beardsall’s, “History of Cooperstown,” which they are finding fascinating.

On the first Friday of each month a resident’s council meeting is held. This month it fell on Nov. 1. Some residents and staff assemble in the living room for announcements and discussions.  Director Laurie Blatt makes these announcements and residents are encouraged to offer suggestions and to participate in discussions. Gene Deitz is the current chairman, who conducts the meeting and Bill Bowes is vice-chairman. Deanna Gable, administrative assistant, takes minutes and reads those of the previous meeting. 

With the end of the year approaching, it is time to choose new officers. Bill Bowes as head of the nominating committee appointed Janet Gorman and I to round out the committee. We decided to ask Bill to move up to chairman and Phil Bresee to be vice-chairman. Their names will be presented at the next council meeting to be voted on.

Corrine Hillman joined the CWTH family on Nov. 4. She has lived in Cooperstown for 25 years so it wasn’t a far move. We wish her happiness and many years of good health.

I promised last month to describe how we bowl here. Keep in mind that the average age of the residents at CWTH is 91.25. On Nov. 6 a group gathered in the activities room to bowl. Here’s how it works. The plastic pins are about three times the size of normal bowling pins and are quite light. The ball looks like a regular bowling ball, but only weighs about one pound. The bowling alley is approximately four feet long and has two rails along the sides of the alley to contain the ball and the pins, which go flying every which way when they are hit. The players sit in a semi-circle and each one bowls in turn. Today there were five rounds and after each round the can of chocolate candies is passed around. We all do love our chocolate! The players who participated in this game were, Fannie Navarra, Nancy Waller, Corrine Hillman, Janet Gorman, Jeanette Hansen, Lois Warrell, Gene Dietz, Wally Pickhardt, Ralph Veenema, Dee Burnett and I. Jeanette was the highest scorer. She is the champ, having also won the last time we bowled. She says she was a bowler in her other life.

We are offered many amenities, probably the most popular being the massages administered by massage therapist Renata Hickey. We all look forward to our monthly turn to be pampered and relaxed. I know I do. Two energetic young women come from the Clark Sport Center to conduct exercise classes for us. Maureen Moglia comes on Tuesdays and Amy Porter comes on Thursdays. The exercises are mostly done while we sit on chairs, but they are designed to help us with balance, circulation and strength. All good things for us folks of a certain age. Maureen and Amy make these sessions fun and there is usually a good group attending. If for some reason they can’t make it here, John Santello, our new activities director steps in and takes over the class. In fact, John has stepped into his job with gusto. The dictionary defines that word as: Keen enjoyment or enthusiasm; relish. That aptly describes John.

Ginger is still just tolerating Jack.