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January 19, 2012

Your Opinion: January 19, 2012

It was not just a prank

I felt compelled to write regarding the recent series of articles regarding the report/ allegations of “harassment” of a young adult by others. You see, my son was also assaulted by two others on a playground at our then local high school on Long Island. It was thought of as “just a prank” however the mental and emotional scars which surfaced  over a series of years later inlife for our son was indeed the “hidden physical damage” of these so called pranks. What has outraged my wife and me is the apparent “let’s keep this quiet” proposed prosecution of these criminals.

Where is the “common sense” in allowing these young adults to “skip by”  these serious allegations andwhat message do we send thousands of young adults that are “bullied” every day?

There is national awareness of this phenomenon now and it is long overdue to be recognized as the crime that it is. I have to ask the question: if two or three young adults forcefully hold down another young adult and proceed to press their genitals into the face of a victim is this not sexual assault? If these individuals performed these alleged acts on a female student we would probably see a different response.

My son felt the affects of his assault for years and to some degree, still today. I implore the community, the school district, the coach and the local prosecutor to take a stand on high school bullies and set the right example here.

This type of activity is indeed a “physical assault” and Cooperstown needs to take action and send a message that this will not be tolerated here. I have to ask the prosecutor, if this were your child assaulted by these borderline adults, would it be a simple “boys will be boys harassment” charge?

Someone has to stand up for the victim here. How about the rest of the Cooperstown community, what do you think? Please confirm the reason why I relocated to this wonderful area of the state and that we as a community stick together and send the message that it will not stand for high school bullies and parents have to be accountable for their child’s actions!

Bob Wilson

Richfield Springs

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