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October 25, 2012

In your opinion: Oct. 25, 2012

Cooperstown Crier

---- — Hopefully, the beginning

of a long tradition

Growing Community would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone involved in helping to make the first Community Harvest Supper a success. The focus of our group is to encourage eating local food by growing kitchen gardens and supporting local farms, sharing in the process, and building community. A culminating event like the Harvest Supper is an ideal way to end the growing season and celebrate Growing Community’s mission. Being able to celebrate with hundreds of like minded community members was such a gift!

Thank you, Cooperstown Village Board and Mayor Jeff Katz, for seeing the value in this community building event and allowing it to take place on Main Street. 

Thank you, MJ Harris, for your vision of an enormous and beautiful dining table in which to share the harvest and for the donation of all decorations.

Thank you to The Farmers’ Museum for, not only allowing us to use your tables and chairs, but also for helping us to get them to and from Main Street. Your donation of time and resources is invaluable.

Thank you, Ommegang Brewery for your kind donation of delicious beer.

Thank you to the Smithy for the use of chairs.

Thank you to Stoddard Hollow String Band for playing wonderful music.

A special thanks goes to the many volunteers who gave their time to set up and break down the “dining room”. Your service to the event and our community is greatly appreciated: Borgstrom family, Mebust family and Issac Gomez, White family, Pope family, deRosa family, Weil family, Fanion family, Griger family, Weldon family, members of the Girls Swim Team, Nancy Tarr, Mary Alexander, Elmer Luke, Robert Seward, Tom Hohensee, John Kosmer, Lorry OBrien, Melinda Hardin, Paula DiPerna, Garet and Tae Livermore, Elizabeth Shula, Roy Kortick and Emily Murphy.

Thank you to the numerous others who jumped in to make our clean up go so effortlessly. 

Most importantly, thank you to all who brought their pot luck dishes and great energy to the party! We hope that this will be the beginning of a long tradition of Harvest Supper Celebrations!

Growing Community Steering Committee

 Village needs representation

on board

Over the years, various town of Otsego supervisors have suggested to me that, in order for the village of Cooperstown to be represented on the town of Otsego Board, the village needed to have a resident as a council member on the board. Despite the fact that the village is IN the town, and, by nature, should be represented by all town officials elected, this has not been the case. It seems as though the village’s role in town of Otsego politics has been to vote, pay taxes, and get almost nothing in return.

For the first time in recent memory, we have a village resident running for Otsego Town Board. Tom Hohensee has recently moved to the village after years living in the town. He represents the best of both worlds — a longtime town resident aware of town concerns and a new village resident eager and willing to find out what Cooperstown needs from the town, a town in which the village is about one-half the population and a huge tax base.

History has shown that without a village resident on the town of Otsego Board, Cooperstown’s needs are not given much attention and the tax money we contribute is spent without village interests in mind. As a village resident, I am voting for Tom Hohensee. I urge you to do the same.

Mayor Jeff Katz

Village of Cooperstown

 Russo is up

to the job

Town of Otsego residents have the chance to elect a hardworking, forward thinking, conscientious new member to the town board. Republican Paul Russo’s interesting life experience informs his views on everything from hydrofracking, which he unequivocally opposes, to taxes, which he is determined to do his part to keep low. An active and proud member of our country’s military, a family man, community volunteer, and a practicing health care professional, Russo has a unique set of personal strengths and disciplines. He won’t tire or give up, deceive or look the other way when issues arise. He can be trusted with tough decisions and public money and he wants to do the job. As a neighbor and fellow public servant, I feel certain that he is up to it.

Rosemary Craig


Support Hohensee

For the first time in recent memory, we have a village resident running for town council for the town of Otsego. Those of us who live in the village have much in common with our neighbors in the town of Otsego, but there are some differences. I am glad that Tom Hohensee, a longtime Otsego town resident and now a Cooperstownian is running to represent the village of Cooperstownâ’s residents in the town of Otsego. Tom’s background in community health and as a manager, his community involvement as a Lion’s club member and as a former LEAF Board member and a volunteer in Cooperstown youth programs have proven his readiness and commitment to community service. This is his time to represent his neighbors. His stated willingness to represent our community’s opposition to fracking, and to defend and protect our rural beauty and our natural environment all mirror my own positions.

Perhaps most importantly, at this time of financial restraint with talk of consolidation of services between the town of Otsego and the village of Cooperstown, it will be important that the village of Cooperstown have a strong, thoughtful, Cooperstown voice at the table. 

Tom Hohensee will ably fill that role. On November 6th, please support Tom Hohensee for Otsego Town Council.

Joan Nicols


Let’s support

Tom Hohensee

I am writing in support of Tom Hohensee’s candidacy for the Otsego Town Board. Mr. Hohensee is a remarkably hard-working and talented person who will serve the town well. It has been my pleasure to work closely with Tom over most of the past two decades. He is very well informed regarding both the challenges facing the town and the resources available. Tom has a long history of collaborating broadly and effectively to advance important projects. Personnel at the New York State Department of Health and Department of Labor hold him in high regard for his professionalism and hard work. In addition to his expertise in community health and health promotion, Mr. Hohensee is an experienced manager. His projects have consistently been successful, ahead of schedule and under budget. He is highly organized, uses his budgets carefully and uses staff efficiently.

It is hard for me to imagine a more suitable person to assist the town of Otsego with the challenges ahead of us. I urge voters to help elect Tom Hohensee to Otsego town Board.

John May, MD


Russo is extremely qualified

I have known Paul Russo and his family for over 13 years and strongly support him for Otsego Town Board. As an optometrist, volunteer football coach, military officer, combat veteran and active National Guard member, Paul is extremely qualified and will be an asset to the town board.

Paul’s military experience makes him a strong and decisive leader and I know he understands the importance of listening to the issues, weighing each side, making a decision and then communicating why the decision was made. I know Paul to be a very motivated, disciplined and extremely focused individual. He will demonstrate fiscal discipline and be a model for environmental stewardship.

I have no doubt Paul will bring dedication and commitment to his role on the Otsego Town Board. I urge you to join me in supporting Paul by voting for him on Nov. 6.

Christopher Hage

Fly Creek