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August 1, 2013


Cooperstown Pride

Is there anything that will make the certain core of chronic complaining Cooperstown merchants content? Whether it is crucifying the mayor and trustees, pointing fingers at the Baseball Hall of Fame when visitation statistics are lower than a previous year, major concerts not fulfilling their perceived expectations, the criticism goes on and on. I do not witness these same repeated nay-sayers seeking political office. I do not see them involved in community volunteerism. I do not see them getting involved in a cross-section of community events and building networks to become informed and contributing time beyond their own business. While they generate complaint after complaint, they rarely accept responsibility for themselves and their own actions. It’s also interesting to note that the criticisms nearly all come to surface after the fact … not during the process. Why do these complainers cite the Ripken induction as the benchmark for success? You know what I’m getting at.

Thankfully, the majority of our merchants realize it takes a team approach, a spirit of cooperation, looking beyond one’s own interests and having an informed attitude that contributes to an overall healthy community. These same merchants are among the best in exhibiting gracious hospitality to everyone, positive outlooks and simply and obviously do not join in every opportunity to criticize some things or people. They do not jump on board to subscribe to actions that only degrade our village and all of us that care deeply about it. We recognize you merchants and thank you.

We appear to have a vibrant business community for a village of less than 2,000 people. Rarely are there empty (out of business) stores that aren’t quickly filled. If one takes the time to count, there are many fewer baseball businesses than some are quick to admit. Comparing our business community to yesteryear’s is just not realistic nor fair … the environment, in general, has dramatically changed … and we are all responsible, in some way, for this. We as a populous have changed and so have our preferences. We also have many more businesses in the greater Cooperstown area than yesteryear (upstairs & down, alleys, Rt. 28, etc.) so something is working well ... and it would be a welcome change to hear and read some of the successes ... and positive references to life and business in Cooperstown.

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