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August 1, 2013



Our community is so blessed with a wealth of natural resources enjoyed by many. We also have a huge diversity of cultural, recreational, people and shopping offerings never imagined by a community of this size and visited by people from around the world. I extend my appreciation to everyone who is doing their part as a responsible resident and store operator to keep our “home” one we are all proud of and welcoming to visitors.

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Visitors enjoyed concert

On behalf of my wife, Michelle and my friends, Terry and Kennedy, I would like to express my gratitude to the village of Cooperstown for our treatment during the weekend of the Furthur concert. I applaud the village’s common sense approach to Shakedown Street. As a veteran of over 100 GD shows and close to 40 Furthur shows I have seen a variety of towns and their handling of the situation. Some form of Shakedown is going to happen, whether you like it or not. You can’t spend a lot of resources trying to forbid it or try to coordinate the situation.

It is unfortunate that Ms. LeFond feels the way she does. Our crew ate in your restaurants, bought souvenirs in your shops, and bought gas and other sundry items in your stores, we also rented rooms to the tune of $400. Even the folks vending on Shakedown need to buy gas, ice, food, and a gigantic variety of other items in your village. The townfolk also were able to sell parking spaces. There is no way this event was not a boon to the village financially and culturally. We also spent a bunch at the HOF and even ordered online after returning home. We are also looking forward to returning to see the sites we missed in our short weekend, as well as singing the village’s praises to other potential patrons. We spent upwards of $1,500 in your beautiful village. That is four people. I would be interested to know how much money was spent in your village related to Furthur vs. no Furthur. I realize the baseball tournament went on at the same time. Sometimes an investment at some cost or compromise of the norm leads to a bigger benefit for the whole. Miss LeFond, do you not think any of us spent any money in your shop or the Paterno’s?

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