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January 17, 2013

Getting into the Hall should be tough


Horn is right; being a member of the Hall should be the ultimate honor. It should not be easy to become a member of such an elite group. If it was, where would the integrity go? It would take away the meaning and gratification.

Each year, more and more voters are ignoring the ballot’s “character” clause. It needs to be taken more seriously. There were guys who played clean. There were guys who resisted the temptation. Maybe it cost them a shot at the majors. Why reward the cheaters?

And why be so quick to change the process? It is not the first time nobody has been elected. This marks the eighth time. It does not mean Cooperstown, from this day forward, will be the Hall of Ordinary, the Hall of Alleged Saints, or the Hall of Echoes. Take a look at who will be on the next couple of ballots. We may in fact be in store for some big years.

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