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July 12, 2012

Opinion: Roses

— Roses to Cooperstown Youth Baseball and the town of

Hartwick for reaching an agreement on a lease of town

property that will allow CYB to build its new facility for

baseball and softball.

“We look forward to many fun-filled nights of baseball and

softball in Hartwick. From the beginning, the town of Hartwick

has been an enthusiastic supporter of this project and

committed to see it succeed,” CYB President David Borgstrom said last week. “I look forward to our continued collaboration on this new facility.” CYB’s groundbreaking was scheduled for this week, and

work is to begin right away on the first field and building.

Borgstrom said CYB is still working out the details and did

not have a cost estimate yet, but did say CYB will be looking

for support from the community to help make the new facility

a reality. We hope the community supports the efforts of

CYB in whatever fashion they are able, whether it’s providing

some volunteer labor or writing a check.

Roses to Springfield for hosting another great 4th of July parade. Now in its 98th year, the Springfield Fourth of July parade is one of, if not the oldest, in the country. It takes a lot of work and we commend organizers

for their annual efforts to keep the tradition alive and present

a procession filled with marchers, bands and floats in a patriotic celebration of our country’s independence. Springfield certainly is “the place to be on the 4th of July.”

Roses also go to the Cooperstown/Northern Otsego County Relay for Life, which this year set a fundraising

record of $108,000. The relay event was held on May

18 and 19 at the Cooperstown Dreams Park and is sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Event chairwoman Carla Eckler said more than 470 people participated this year. “I would like to congratulate the participants on their amazing fundraising efforts, and to sincerely thank the residents, businesses and organizations that supported our

efforts in countless ways,” Eckler said. We join with Eckler in congratulating the participants for a job well done.