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June 6, 2013

Mother Nature throws Hall a curveball


We at the Crier thought the change to Memorial Day Weekend was a good idea as it is a popular time for travel. However, we still are not sure the Classic will ever attract as many fans as the Hall of Fame Game — the Major League exhibition that had a 68-year tradition in Cooperstown before it was discontinued in 2008. According to Hall of Fame officials, nearly every one of those games was sold out.

No matter how many events are planned in connection with the Classic, there seems to be no replacement for getting the chance to see current major leaguers take the field. This is probably because the active players are more recognizable by baseball fans because they are the ones being viewed on television.

Major League Baseball pulled the plug on the game because of mounting difficulties with scheduling. This was not a horrible thing because it could be argued that The Hall of Fame Game itself had grown a bit stale with players not wanting to make the trip to Cooperstown and not participating in the game very much at all.

The time was right for a change in the format. Who wants to watch players that do not want to be here? At least the old-timers are eager to put on a show. However, we still are not sure the format is the most exciting it could be. There is certainly room for improvement such as getting more recent retirees to play in the game and having more meet-and-greet activities.

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