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April 21, 2011

Your Opinion: April 21, 2011

It could be further argued

Based on the information presented in  the article in the April 14, 2011, edition of the Cooperstown Crier titled, “CCSofficials say health center is too vital not to have” and written by Michelle Miller, it is indeed hard to argue against the benefits of the center for both students and parents.

However, it would seem that the question should be asked as to whether it is the responsibility of the taxpayers of the district to be so directly involved in the health care of the district’s students. It certainly could be questioned that such an undertaking does not fall under the realm of education. And, in fact, it could be further argued that money spent on rehabbing the health care center is money that is not being spent on education.

Furthermore, when the concept of the center was first discussed assurances were made that such a center would present only a minimal cost to the school district. Now, however, the cost would seem to be equal to about one percent of the tax levy.

Therefore, one cannot help but wonder why Bassett is not contributing to the cost of the renovations. After all, it is Bassett, and not the school district, that realizes the revenue generated by the school based health center.

Catherine Lake Ellsworth


I keep hearing people say

Having lived in and been a part of the Cooperstown community for many years, I feel compelled to express my disgust in seeing all the “Save Anthony” signs popping up all over town. Where is the compassion for the victim in this?

The facts are that Anthony took his father’s car, drove around until he spotted his prey, jumped out of the car with a gun, chased and shot him! To say that he is a minor or that he “is crazy” does not excuse his behavior. He had the foresight to take a gun, load it, took a car and hunt down an innocent young man. That does not sound like he just snapped to me.

Tony Pacherille, a lawyer, said the “Save Anthony” signs and website are meant to “tell the truth” about his son. I think they are trying to make it difficult if not impossible to find a jury in Cooperstown.

This case has had too many delays already. He should have already been to trial.

I keep hearing people say we just want justice for Anthony, what about justice for Wesley, the victim. Has everyone forgotten about him? He is the one that everyone should be wanting justice for. I have to wonder if the tides were turned and it was a young black man that shot a young white man, if there would be this much support in town for the suspect.

We must remember that hatred and racism are a learned behavior.

Chris Hollister


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