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Otsego Herald

August 19, 2010

Otsego Herald: New school book

—   From the Otsego Herald for Saturday, Aug. 18, 1810


H. & E. Phinney, Jun. (Proprietors of the Copy-Right) have just Printed, and now offer for Sale at their Book-store, by the 100, dozen, or less quantity of a new and useful work, called, The Columbian Reader, containing a new & choice collection of Descriptive, Narrative, Argumentative, Pathetic, Humorous and Entertaining Pieces, Together with Speeches, Orations, Addresses and Harangues. To which is added, A new collection of Dialogues. Designed for the use of Schools.

Note: Merchants, and others, will be furnished with the above Book, by the dozen, at the usual price of the Preceptor. It is believed that those who will take the pains to procure and peruse the Reader, will be well satisfied as to the merit and arrangement of the Book, for the use of Schools. August 11.

COMMENT: I have a copy of the second edition, published in 1811, and apparently identical with the first, except for the correction of typographical errors. It states that the first edition was printed in an edition of 4,000 copies, and that 12,000 copies are to be printed of the second.

It contains 226 pages, and includes a wide variety of quotations, from one to three pages, from mostly British sources.

My copy originally belonged to Alvah McCollom (1803-1884), a farmer in New Lisbon, who wrote on the fly-leaf ``Alvah McCollom’s Property.

These are to forbid all persons writing in this Book or making any marks whatever or tearing or damaging it in any way.’’

Alvah may have been a son of James McCollom, who was the first schoolteacher in New Lisbon.

Alvah apparently passed his reader on to his youngest daughter, Elizabeth C. Mc- Collom (born 1852) who, in 1865 and at the age of about 13, inserted in the book a slip of paper demonstrating her excellent handwriting, On it she has written: ``The donation for Mr. Wales is to be Friday evening, Dec. 22nd,’’ followed by ``This is a specimen of my hand writing,’’ eleven times, and then by the alphabet in both lower case and upper case letters.

On the back is written ``Miss Elizabeth C. McCollom, New Lisbon, Otsego Co., New York’’ and ``Miss Charlotte Chapin, New Lisbon, Otsego Co., New York.’’ Charlotte was a little older than her friend Elizabeth, having been born in 1848.

Kill the Dogs!

Boston, August 7. Mad Dogs.

It is said that many dogs in this town, yesterday, discovered evident symptoms of madness.

Would it not be well for the inhabitants to follow the example of the people of Billerica, who, it is said, last week made a general slaughter of the dogs in that place, on the appearance of madness among them.

One mad dog in Dorchester, it is said has done more than one thousand dollars damage.

At best, in this town they are become a great nuisance, and surely the safety of one human life ought to be preferred to the whole species of this loathsome and dangerous animal.

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Otsego Herald
  • Armistice reached? As we understand, a proposition has been received from Sir George Prevost, governor of Lower Canada, by our government, for a suspension of hostilities between the forces of the United States and those of Great Britain under his command in the two Canadas, during we presume the pending negociations between the two governments.

    April 24, 2014

  • Fire Prevention The Trustees of the village of Cooperstown, are determined rigidly to enforce the following Bye-Law:

    April 17, 2014

  • British Spy Executed Plattsburgh, March 26. At length, by redoubled vigilance, in spite of the defects of our own laws, the corruption of some of our citizens, and the arts and cunning of the enemy, one Spy, of the hundreds who roam at large over this frontier, has been detected, convicted, and sentenced to Death.

    April 10, 2014

  • Fasting, humiliation and prayer The Presbytery of Oneida, having met at Whitesborough, on the 3d day of February, 1814, took into consideration the present calamitous state of our country, the war, its disastrous and demoralizing effects, the prevalence of immorality, of irreligion, drunkenness, sabbath-breaking, and vices of various kinds,

    April 3, 2014

  • Recovering after the fire HAVE again commenced business, in the white building south of the Bookstore of H. & E. PHINNEY, where they hope their friends and the public generally will please to call, in order that they may be enabled to forget the loss which they have so recently sustained by fire.

    March 27, 2014

  • A fire in Cooperstown On Thursday morning last, between the hours of 3 and 4 o’clock, our citizens were aroused from their slumbers by the alarming cry of fire, which proved to be in the building occupied by Mr. Joseph Wilkinson as a store and dwelling.

    March 20, 2014

  • British Attack in North The Plattsburgh Republican, of the 26th ult. [February] says, that on the 19th, the enemy from Cornwall and Coteau de Lac, having learned that our troops had left French Mills, on the15th, crossed the St. Lawrence, and visited the French Mills, Malone and Chateaugay, and had “carried off between 150 and 200 barrels of provisions, good and bad, public and private.â€�

    March 13, 2014

  • A futile patriotism SPEECH OF THE HON. MR. HOLMES, in the Senate of Massachusetts, During the Debate on the reported Answer the Governor/s Speech [A Republican State Senator, John Holmes strongly objected to the anti-war attitude taken by the Federalist-controlled State of Massachusetts].

    March 6, 2014

  • Making maple sugar The sap begins to run -- farmers, look out; it is all important that every effort should be made to obtain a national supply, the present year, from our own resources.

    February 27, 2014

  • Back to Sackett's Harbor The camp at French Mills, we understand, has been broken up. Two thousand troops were expected to reach Sackett's Harbor on Friday last. The residue have proceeded to Malone and Plattsburgh, at the former of which places the sick had arrived on the 2d inst. [February]. The boats had been removed by land.

    February 20, 2014