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May 13, 2010

Otsego Herald: Church destroyed



Goshen (Orange co.) May 1. In the gale last evening the fine large Church, recently erected in this village, was completely leveled to the ground, besides considerable other damage done in the village. It was by far the most tremendous gale ever witnessed in this place.

COMMENT: Another account specified that it was the newly-built Episcopal Church that was totally destroyed, and that the ``Brick Academy’’ was much damaged.


Glorious result of unshaken Patriotism. The excellent Governor Tompkins will be re-elected by the sweeping majority of near nine thousand! 13 of the 17 states of the Union, are firmly republican. We have a free trade, excepting British orders and French decrees, which brother Jonathan knows how to shun or manage.

We congratulate our good farmers who have provided themselves with bread till September -- we understand wheat is rising in price.

TORNADO IN GEORGIA SAVANNAH. (Geo.) April 7. A gentleman just arrived from the upper parts of the State, has communicated to us in substance, the following distressing information: On Wednesday the 28th ult. (March) the citizens of Laurens county, were awakened a little before sun-rise, with an incessant flood of rain, a violent wind, and a frequent falling of trees.

In about 20 minutes the alarm became general, and the destruction of every object around seemed to be threatened, by one of the most dreadful tornadoes, perhaps, ever witnessed in Georgia.

So great has been its ravages, that whole forests have been laid prostrate, and some of the finest high land in this state rendered an heap of ruins. Many of the best plantations have become unfit for immediate cultivation; houses, fences and stock have been swept away or destroyed, and the distress of the planters, (many of who were new settlers, and had just began to surmount their difficulties) is indescribable. Some of them have lost their all -- having neither a horse to plough, nor a cow to milk.

The width of the tornado is supposed to have been about six miles; but its extent has not been ascertained. It passed over the Oakmulgee, about the 7th district of Baldwin, in an easterly direction.

COMMENT: This story was printed in newspapers all over the country. The only eye-witness account I can find, evidently from a letter, reads as follows:

``At Creek Agency, March 27, the thermometer was in the morning 42 -- at 3 o’clock it stood at 80 -- at 10 at night 72 -- the forepart of the day was clear -- the sun descended with rays of clouds pointing to it -- the evening was serene -- at 4 in the morning on the 28th, it began to thunder in the west -- two clouds nearly parallel to each other appeared, rising slowly in that quarter; the thunder continued at short intervals for half an hour, but the direction of the electric fluid was more from cloud to cloud than towards the earth.