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February 13, 2014

Keeping busy as winter creeps

Cooperstown Crier

---- — From all that we hear, any number of people are sick of the winter weather. And, given what it has been, it is not difficult to understand why, especially if one is not particularly taken by winter weather in the first place. However, we do suspect that, unlike some years, the weather worked out well for Cooperstown’s annual Winter Carnival. We must admit that we have not participated in the Winter Carnival for a number of years for the simple fact that it is held in the winter. And we are simply not devotees of the winter. But, should the decision ever be made, which we find highly unlikely, to hold the Winter Carnival in the spring or the fall, we might be more inclined to participate. 

Nonetheless, we must point out that we actually partook of two of the Winter Carnival events this year. On Friday, a friend who had attended and enjoyed the Soup ‘r Chili Luncheon at the First Baptist Church quite kindly arrived at our door with containers of chili and beef barley soup for us. We were delighted. And it was delicious. We also, as we have in the past, listened to the fireworks display Friday evening. We suspect there were many others who participated in many more of the Winter Carnival events, greatly enjoying them all. And thus we must salute the carnival’s organizers and sponsors for continuing this long-standing Cooperstown tradition.

We are happy to report that the errant garbage can of last week disappeared and was, we assume, returned to its rightful owner. In thinking about it we wondered if it might not be a good idea for the village to require the registration of all garbage cans within the village. This would not only allow any loose garbage cans to be returned to their owners, but it would also give the village the opportunity to raise additional revenue through registration fees. We can just see the campaign to register one’s garbage can thus filling a pothole at the same time. We, of course, would heartily support such legislation, as we never put garbage out by the curb in a garbage can, preferring instead to simply place the see through bag of garbage at the curb.

Unfortunately, we are noting an up tick in junk mail. We haven’t quite reached the point of placing our recycling bin by the front door to facilitate the disposal of such mail. Instead, we have decided to undertake reading the junk mail not only to make certain we are not missing something of interest but also to see if we can figure who has sold their mailing lists to whom. And we must say, it has been a rather interesting experiment.

We recently received a weighty brochure from the American Queen Steamboat Company, which explained their 2014 cruises on the Columbia and Snake rivers in Oregon. To tell the truth, we had never even considered cruising the Columbia or the Snake River. And having read the brochure, we rather doubt we ever will. Granted, it all looked very interesting but we decided if we were to take the cruise we would most definitely want to book one of the luxury suites with veranda which feature a private veranda from which one could scan the riverbanks for wildlife, a spacious sitting room complete with large flat-screen TV, premium sound, cocktail table and wet bar and a separate bedroom. In fact, the only drawback that we could see was the $6,595 fare plus port charge of $109.

Needless to say, the brochure found its way into the recycling bin, joining all the great number of travel brochures we seem to be receiving from the University of Michigan Alumni Association. We have to wonder if there is some link, like the selling of a mailing list, between the two organizations.

We also received an invitation to “Magical Evening,” complete with dinner and fireworks, to be held at Preswick Glen in New Hartford, New York. We found this invitation to be most puzzling as we had no idea what Preswick Glen is. However, a quick online check informed us that it is a retirement community leading us to believe the invitation is a promotional event. What we don’t know is why we got it. As far as we know we have never shown any interest in researching any retirement community and thus cannot imagine how we landed on the Preswick Glen mailing list.

However, we did enjoy perusing the invitation. And while the dinner menu sounded wonderful with its sliced beef tenderloin, white truffle potato crisp, smoked salmon and roasted vegetable terrine, artisan cheese platter and seafood bar, all topped off with tuxedo covered strawberries, assorted chocolate truffles and red velvet cream cheese cupcakes, the invitation also landed rather quickly in the recycle bin.

We have no idea how long we shall continue to actually read our junk mail. But thus far it has been rather interesting. Plus we suspect it is a relatively simple way to pass time during the dreary winter months, although we must admit that we are still sorely tempted to pass the winter by turning our family room into a beach setting complete with palm trees, a sandy beach, sea shells and warm breezes. In fact, we are eagerly awaiting the piece of junk mail that will offer a complete kit to make the transformation of our family room into a beach. Surely such a piece of mail exists and will eventually make its way into our mailbox.

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