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February 27, 2014

Cookies make a better valentine than MRI

Cooperstown Crier

---- — We had originally thought that our entire Valentine’s Day celebration would be a trip to Bassett healthcare to get a MRI of our lower back. Thus we were most pleasantly surprised when a friend dropped in on us with a bag of heart shaped, frosted sugar cookies for us. Not only were the cookies very tasty, but the gift bag was most unusual. Our friend had made it from a very pink ad which she had encountered in the New York Times. With some very creative folding and the addition of pink ribbon handles it made a rather attractive gift bag. And, of course, it was all the more interesting because one could peer inside the bag and read at least part of the New York Times.

We have long known about the concept of wrapping presents in the Sunday comics. But this was our first encounter with a gift bag made out of the newspaper. We must admit that we are so intrigued by it that we plan to experiment with making gift bags from the Sunday comics. Of course, it might be a rather pointless endeavor as we very rarely have the need of a gift bag since we very rarely give a gift. And if we do, we almost never wrap it.

We were interested when we read in last week’s paper that the village, as part of the reconstruction of the sidewalks project, will be removing, as in cutting down, all the trees on Main Street from the traffic light to the Hall of Fame. Of course, the trees will be replaced with new trees that will be, we gather, specifically chosen for their ability to thrive in urban areas. Several species were mentioned including the ginkgo tree.

Now we must admit we are not authorities on trees, but we do know, from our experiences in Philadelphia, that the ginkgo tree can prove to be rather problematic. As we understand it, male ginkgo trees are fine. But the female ginkgo tree is, as they say, a horse of a different color. When our son lived on Lombard Street in Philly, he had what must have been a female ginkgo tree smack dab in front of his town house apartment building. It dropped copious amounts of unnecessary clutter on the sidewalk which, at the appointed time of the year, one had to wade through. And to add insult to injury, the trees emitted a most foul odor which resulted in one wading and gagging at the same time. It was not fun!

Therefore, should the village choose to go with the ginkgo tree we sincerely trust that they have someone who would know far more about determining the sex of the ginkgo tree than would we. If not, we would tend to think that the offending tree would not be the only problem the village would have on its hands.

For several years now, we have vowed that this will be the winter when we will clean the basement and dispose of all the completely unnecessary stuff which has managed to accumulate over the years. But somehow, we have never gotten to it ... until now. And the only reason that we have proceeded with the project this year is that we came up with the idea of starting with something that actually interests us, namely all the paper work we have saved over the years.

Granted much of what we saved has fortunately made its way into the recycle bin. In fact, we must admit that we are not exactly certain why we saved much of it except that we have an overly compulsive pack rat mentality when it comes to saving things. After all, one never knows when one might need something, only to discover it has been thrown out. It is truly a self-defeating philosophy.

On the other hand, we did find a lot of good stuff, such as the scripts for “Cooperstown in Lights I” and “Cooperstown in Lights II,” both fund raising presentations by the CCS Faculty Association, as well as the scripts for “E-mail Call” and “The Women of Cooperstown,” both presentations we worked on for Women’s Club of Cooperstown programs. We also found numerous newspaper clippings, including various letters to the editor, as well as, of course, all the work we have done over the years for this column.

Needless to say, progress on this basement cleaning out project is proceeding slowly given that we tend to read much of what we come across. On the other hand, we do think we are organizing material that might well find its way into this column in the future and that, from our point of view, is not a bad thing. Plus, the weather has been so strange this winter that spending time in the basement helps one forget about what is going on outside.

Of course, we realize there are those who actually like the snow and the cold. And many people have pointed out to us that this winter is really nothing more than a good old-fashioned winter. Of course, that concept makes us wonder why, just because we used to have weather like this in the winter, we need to repeat it again now. After all, we suspect we found it easier to deal with when we were younger. And the very least the weather could do is to grow easier as we grow older.

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