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June 20, 2013

It is always something ...

Cooperstown Crier

---- — There are times when we think we could write this column in our sleep. And we are certain there are times when readers must think that is exactly what we have done.

Some weeks we seem to have more topics than we can cover, while other times we find ourselves searching desperately for something about which to write. And then there are weeks, like this one, when we find ourselves with a broad range of seemingly unrelated items for which we have to figure out how best to string together in some sort of logical order. And these are the columns that we always find the most difficult to do. But do it we must.

We have learned that there will be a program, “The Summertime Life of Birds,” presented by Patricia Szarpa, the executive director of the Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce, at 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 25 at Woodside Hall here in Cooperstown. This event is free and open to the community. However, as seating is limited, reservations should be made by contacting Deborah Ziegler, director of community relations, at 547-0600 (office) or 373-7817 (cell). Those attending are encouraged to bring their bird stories and/or photos to share. Light refreshments will be served.

Congratulations go to Alice Talbot who recently celebrated one of those “big” birthdays. Family and friends joined Alice for the festivities that were held last Saturday at the First Baptist Church in Cooperstown. Happy birthday Alice and many happy returns! And we hasten to add that when we told Alice she still looked much like the attractive young woman pictured on the invitation, Howard pointed out that was because he has taken such good care of her over the years.

Not long ago we received yet another letter from the Social Security Administration suggesting that we might well be eligible for assistance with paying our Medicare Parts B and D. And while we appreciate the offer, we have to say that compared with the $15,000 or so we have paid for health insurance for the past five years, the cost of Medicare Parts B and D seem like chump change. We have no idea how we got on the list of people who might qualify for such help. Nor do we know how to get off the list since we are relatively positive we are not in line for such aid.

Nor do we think we are qualified to receive another offer we got from the government, a free cellphone. We so wanted to write them back and say their offer came too late as we already have a free cellphone as part of our son’s family plan. And frankly, we find dealing with him to be a whole lot easier than dealing with the government. He actually answers his telephone.

While much has been made of Cooperstown’s new on street paid parking, we have learned there is concern about it which we never even considered. In an online response to a recent article about the paid parking, we found the following comment to add to our food for thought. In part it read: “What is Cooperstown’s brilliant solution to putting the little piece of paper on a motorcycle?”

It is, we thought a good question. And it reminded us that when our son started working at Kenyon College, he was given a hang tag employee parking permit for his Vespa. That didn’t work then and we don’t think the little piece of paper is going to work now.

Of course we do think, once the problem of displaying the little piece of paper on a motorcycle is solved, the next question to arise would be: Does each motorcycle have to purchase its own paid parking? We have often noted that more than one motorcycle can be parked per space and if so, can they share of the cost of parking? It seems there are always questions in need of answers.

And while on the topic of paid parking, we were asked recently if we had participated in the new rage about town, namely the “Cooperstown Squat.” Not only had we not participated in it, we had no idea what it was.

Consequently we were informed that it had been observed that as potential paid parkers were attempting to read the directions on the pay and display machines, they went from an upright position to a lower and lower squat to enable them to read the instructions. We were somewhat dubious about this until we realized the picture of a potential paid parker in the paper did indeed seem to be that of a woman squinting at the machine as she seemed to begin a basic ballet plie also known, we now realize, as the “Cooperstown Squat.”

Now we must admit that we have yet to investigate the new pay and display machines up close and personal. And if it does indeed require doing the “Cooperstown Squat” to do so, we think, given our mobility, that we will pass on the experience. On the other hand, perhaps we should consider that doing the “Cooperstown Squat” might actually be good exercise. But if that is indeed the case, we suspect, although we don’t know, that such exercise is an unintended consequence of on street paid parking.

And finally, the Ohio Ellsworths motored recently to North Carolina to attend a wedding. And their accommodations for the weekend consisted of a cabin set in the woods with an absolutely gorgeous view from the front porch. After arriving, the 3 ½- year-old Widge inspected the cabin and then asked her parents if this was where they lived now. We are not sure, but we suspect she was no doubt relieved when they arrived back home in Ohio.

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