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December 5, 2013

Yes to CCS construction project

Cooperstown Crier

---- — Bottom line: who among us wants to say no to a new bathroom for the autism class?

While the washroom is just one small part of the Cooperstown Central School’s construction project, which will be on referendum for voters on Wednesday, Dec. 11, we find the individual sacrifice small compared to various parts of the project that are much needed at the schools.

Obviously an in-classroom bathroom is hard to say no to, but even the less heart-wrenching parts of the project are mostly clearly needed.

Anyone who drops off kids at the elementary school on Walnut Avenue knows how hard it is to park and how frustrating it is to wait for all the buses to clear the loop before entering the school parking lot. An expanded parking lot with a dedicated drop off lane will be a great help to parents, especially in the morning. Certainly the new lane will cause some changes in staff locations to ensure safety, but it is nothing that the school can’t handle.

Likewise, anyone who attends events at the middle-high school on Linden Avenue knows how bad the lighting is, especially for winter events when it gets dark earlier. Perhaps the financial benefits of LED lighting are overstated, but the need for good lighting at the school is dire. The same could be said for finally making the schools asbestos free, which CCS officials think they will be after the planned projects.

We could literally go down the line of projects in the $6.6 million package, but we won’t. We suspect if we did, we could nitpick a few things, second guess a few more, but we would mostly label individual parts of the project either good ideas or crucially needed fixes to the schools or the bus garage.