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March 28, 2013

Good luck, Tommy

Cooperstown Crier

---- — Perhaps the third time will be the “charm” for Cooperstown Central School seventh-grader Tommy Knight. 

Tommy has proven over and over again that he really knows his geography. He has won three district competitions with ease — but he has not yet been able to make the final rounds of the New York National Geographic Bee. That is his goal this year, and we hope he succeeds.

This will mark Tommy’s third time competing in the state competition, which will be held at the New York State Museum in Albany on Friday, April 5.

The CCS student competed twice as an elementary student and has experience on his side — along with many hours of studying. Now that he is competing as a middle-schooler we hope he can turn that experience in his favor and reach his goal of being included in the top 10. 

“You pretty much have to get all the questions right to get that far,” Tommy said. “It is really hard to do.”

He knows this because he only missed one out of eight questions the first year he competed.

According to social studies teacher John Brotherton, it is no surprise Tommy has made it so far. He said he is a superior student who is well-versed. 

“We do not emphasize geography the way we probably did in the past,” he said. “A lot of knowledge he has is stuff he has learned on his own.”

Tommy said he soaks up information through reading. 

The seventh-grader seems to be pretty self motivated and knows putting in the time is required to be able to compete at the next level. We are happy Tommy has been given another opportunity to represent CCS at states and wish him well.

We know he would be disappointed in himself if he was not headed back for another chance and believe he will make the most of it. 

Tommy said, “I’ve learned that if you really want to do well you have to study a lot.”

Our advice to Tommy — just keep on studying and your chances can only get better! Oh, yeah, don’t forget to have fun. If you put in the work you can only go there knowing you came prepared. So get a good night’s sleep and once you get there take a big breath and relax. 

Tommy is not shooting to win the entire competition even though he would not be opposed to it. Instead he has set a realistic goal and we hope he can reach it. 

Good luck, Tommy!