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September 20, 2012


-- — Roses to the village planning board for its 18-month effort to revise the village’s sign law. Board members reviewed more than 30 laws from other municipalities and drew on their own experience to complete the rewrite of the current law. The revised law is laid out in an easy-to-follow, logical format that will make it much simpler for residents and businesspeople to use. It features greatly expanded definitions, charts and illustrations, as well as an accompanying photo album of 90 different types of signs.

“I think it will sort out and make things easier for people,” Planning Board Chairman Charlie Hill said. “It’s not been an easy thing to put together, but I think it is fair, balanced, reasonable and consistent.”

The next step is for the revision to go to the board of trustees for a public hearing and adoption.

Roses to Brenda Jaeger receiving the Clark Sports Center’s 20th annual Fetterman Award, which is given to a person in the community who is dedicated to serving local youth, especially in the area of athletics. Jaeger retired in June from her physical education position at the Cooperstown Middle/High School. According to Val Paige, director of the Sports Center, Jaeger clearly stood out as the right choice for the award this year.

  “We were like holy cow, she really has a lot going on,” she said. “Brenda has done so many things that it is just unbelievable.”

  “Brenda certainly exemplifies the qualities we look for in a Fetterman award recipient. She teaches through example, shows good sportsmanship, enjoys what she does and is truly interested in helping children with a positive experience. She is well respected by adults as well as students, is honest, fair, ethical and has patience and a sense of humor,” Paige added.

  Although Jaeger seemed quite humble about receiving the award, she should be proud. She went out of her way to think out of the box and engage her students.

Roses to PumpkinFest organizers for trying to make the Pumpkin Regatta more accessible. As the event grows in popularity it becomes harder to see the giant pumpkins get raced across Otsego Lake. This year, people will be able to get on the Glimmerglass Queen to get a closer view. A live broadcast will be available at Video will be accessible after the event as well.  We used this space last year to recommend a solution to the problem, and we are glad to see something has been done to make this unique event more enjoyable. Let’s face it, it is not every day you get to see giant pumpkins carved out and raced in a lake. Who would not want to see that!