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June 22, 2012

Our Opinion: Good luck, seniors

— This weekend will mark the start of a new beginning for

many area high school seniors. They will put on their

caps and gowns and take their first steps toward adulthood

while embarking on the next phase of their lives.

For some, it will mean joining the work force, or flying

overseas to experience new adventures, or joining the military.

However, for the majority it will be on to college.

First off, congratulations to all of you who have made it

this far. It is not a milestone that should be overshadowed.

However, in these challenging economic times, it’s more

important than ever for students to put their educations to

good use. Finding a job can be as hard as finding a needle in

a haystack, so it can seem.

Our advice is to make yourself as employable as possible.

Research what job fields are in need of workers, and pursue

a degree or certification in that field. Of course weigh in your

interests when doing so. If you are a more hands-on learner,

perhaps a trade school would be more suitable. There is also

the option of entrepreneurship.

While this is undoubtedly an exciting time in a young

person’s life, it can also be the most challenging. It is a time

to break away from the familiar walls and surroundings that

have become so recognizable. It’s a time to fly away from the

somewhat cocooned existence of small-town life and see

what the world has to offer. It’s a time to cut the umbilical

cord and expand one’s horizons.

Graduation is an exciting event for the students and

it also can be a difficult adjustment in a parent’s life. It is

hard setting a child free, but one hopes that most have the

responsibility to make a smooth transition. Graduation is not

the end _ it is the beginning of a young person’s life.

Milford’s graduation will be held Friday night at the

school at 7 p.m.; Cherry Valley-Springfield will hold commencement

exercises at Glimmerglass Opera on Saturday at

11 a.m.; and Cooperstown’s graduation will be on the back

lawn of The Fenimore Art Museum at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday. If

it rains the celebration will be moved to the gym and will be

held at 2 p.m.

As area students graduate and begin new adventures, we

wish them well and hope they help pave the way to a better

America in the years to come.