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This Wonderful Life

September 10, 2009

This Wonderful Life: Who are these little girls?

There are two children in my house who bear a striking resemblance to my daughters. They are adorable, smart and energetic.

Like my daughters, they can spend hours drawing and coloring or watching DVDs about princesses and adventures. They even answer to my daughters’ names.

And yet, I ca’t help but be suspicious about their true identity because these girls have been nice to each other.

Mornings around Schoolhouse Farm are always difficult. There is only one bonafide morning person in our home, and that’s Bee.

The rest of us do what we can — Papa at a determined pace, me in a fog of overnight caffeine withdrawal, and Posey with either a mischievous clown face or an outright scowl.

For her part, Bee doesn’t have much patience with people who aren’t morning people.

So I was dreading the first day of school just a bit.

In her excitement to start the new school year, Bee had planned her ensemble down to the smallest detail, and declared the night before that she was going to wake up early, get dressed immediately and make her own breakfast ``because that is what first graders do.’’ (Clearly, she hasn’t met a lot of high school students.)

Her unmitigated enthusiasm for school is wonderful, don’t get me wrong.

And her self-sufficiency is even more admirable.

But in a house full of non-morning people, it’s wise to keep the one morning person occupied.

I set my own alarm extra early so I could be on top of my game. I predicted that Bee would be up and ready to board the bus approximately one hour before it arrived. That would give her plenty of time to get antsy and look for a diversion to fill her spare time - something like parroting her little sister’s conversation (``Stop copying me!’’) or reminding her father and me of some vague quasi-promise we may or may not have made three years ago whose fulfillment has become urgently and immediately necessary (``Remember that time you said it would be fun to go back to that museum in Philadephia? Remember? Remember when you said that? When are we going to do that?’’).

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This Wonderful Life
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  • This Wonderful Life: Who are these little girls? There are two children in my house who bear a striking resemblance to my daughters. They are adorable, smart and energetic.

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